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April 2019 Newsletter, Hours and Info...

We Will Be CLOSED the following dates: Friday April 12th and Saturday April 13th Friday April 19th - Good Friday Saturday April 27th and Monday April 29th

There are two very troubling bills in the Rhode Island House and Senate regarding your medical records.  DO YOU WANT TO BE TRACKED without your consent?  If not, you will need to contact your local state representative and senator.  HERE is a link to an informative article written by one of our patients...   And HERE is a link to the International Chiropractic Association which has written a letter to each of the state representatives and senators urging against this legislation... .

I am the state representative for the International Chiropractic Association so if you have any questions let me know.  Chiropractors have always been champions of Freedom of Choice.  Not too long ago, the AMA attempted to eliminate Chiropractic and remove American's Freedom of Choice in Healthcare but we were able to stop them in Federal Court.  You can read about that Federal Antitrust Lawsuit against the AMA by clicking HERE...      if you want to read the more technical version in legalese, check out this link... .  

My friend, Dr. Bob Mulcahy in Cape Cod just published this study.  Great Work Dr. Mulcahy!

Looking forward to seeing your spine soon! Dr. Jay, Kathy, Roberta, Elli, and Lori

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