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Short and Sweet

From Dr. Jay:

I'm going to keep this short for you. We are in the process of changing our online presence. We will have an all new Facebook page, an all new Website, a new Instagram and Twitter account as well.  Take a good last look at our website as odds are within a few weeks it will be quite different.  We are exploring an online scheduling service where you can book your appointments directly into the office yourself and pay online for the appointment before you get there if you wish.  We are looking into offering a shorter video (5-9 minutes) for new patients that can be viewed right on our site.  This is a time of new technologies so we are going to make an attempt to embrace the times.  Please let us know what changes we could add with new technology that would make getting adjusted simpler.  We may not be able to deliver an adjustment 'virtually' online yet but perhaps we can make your life easier with some technological changes.  SO... Throw out a couple of ideas for us!!  Thank you in advance!!

Here are a few ideas patients have already shared:  Auto-billing for 4 visits a month at a $10 savings per month for auto-bill, Online scheduling so you can see the open spots from home or on your phone in real time, Ability to book and pay for an appointment online or from your phone, Manage your visits online (cancel or move your appointment to another time spot), receive automatic text or email reminders of your appointments, book one or multiple visits with either Dr. of your choice, Even simpler check-in,  NOW IT'S YOUR TURN...  WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE?  Reply to this email or send an email directly to or  Thanks in advance!

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