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January 2024 Newsletter


Important dates to remember:

We will be CLOSED on Monday January 1st

As snow season approaches, if we have a winter storm warning, Please check to see if we will be closing due to the bad weather by checking our Google hours, the hours listed at the bottom of our website and on our Facebook page.

Chiropractic and Other Strategies To Support A Healthy Immune System

I'm sure I'm not the only one to see an uptick in people that are catching a cold lately. After having gone through the last few years, frankly, most people are so "over it".

It's common knowledge to any of your doctors that Coronaviruses are a large family of respiratory viruses that make up the common cold along with respiratory syncytial viruses (RSV) and Rhinoviruses. So, in essence, the base virus of Covid-19 before it was altered in a laboratory to gain the function of becoming more virulent was merely the common cold virus. ( Yup- it was just a common cold before gain of function research in Wuhan (

So, since those 'conspiracy theories' are no longer conspiracy theories after having been proven true, I think it's more productive to focus on real world solutions to improving your immune system and the immune systems of your family.

As you know, our office is a place of health, healing and support and we want to encourage you to stay calm, don't panic every time you hear about someone testing positive for a virus.

Remember knowledge is power and now you know that the common cold (corona, rhinovirus and rsv along with over 200 other viruses) are viruses man has successfully dealt with for thousands of years. The fact that you are alive is living proof. Reducing your stress level improves your body's ability to respond at it's best so that it's better able to block any threat to your health and the functioning of your immune system.

Our body's ability to adapt to internal and external health challenges and mount an immune defense and repair response is the key to overcoming the results of the physical, chemical and emotional stresses that fundamentally cause all human ailments.

One of the most important ways Chiropractors help the body adapt properly to its environment is to make sure the connections in the nervous system between the brain and the tissue cells are not being obstructed.

The brain communicates with the glands, organs and tissues in the body through the nervous system to control and coordinate all functions in the body. Obstructing or disconnecting the nervous system can have an effect on every function in the body - and it often does.

These obstructions are referred to as vertebral subluxations in the scientific literature and adjusting them is how Chiropractic helps people get and stay healthy.

In addition to getting checked for subluxations and having those obstructions removed by adjustments, there are several other things you can do to keep your immune system fine-tuned now during this uptick in colds and flu and at all times...

Staying Calm and lowering stress levels is important for a healthy nervous system and immune system. I encourage you to try free guided meditations, Prayer (this one is my favorite), Tai Chi or Qi Gong, spending quality time with people you love, and anything else that puts you in a calm, peaceful state of mind.

Getting plenty of sleep will also help to lower your stress level but even on it's own, getting plenty of sleep will help your nervous and immune systems function optimally and be at their peak. Have you heard me suggest 7-9 hours of sleep a night? Have you wondered why? Read this:

Avoiding alcohol will not only help keep your immunity strong but less alcohol will help you sleep better, stabilize your mood and keep you in the moment. Bottom line is if you want to avoid susceptibility to some really bad illnesses including cancer, liver and lung disease and stress, don't drink...

Exercise is known to stimulate and enhance the immune function and will also help to lower stress, improve blood flow and help with sleep. Win- Win! Best kind of exercise? Walking is at least a great start if not the best choice. Have you heard of Chi Walking? Check out some tips in this video: Let me know if you would be interested in a chi walking class from our own local expert Laurel Flax!

Drinking plenty of water throughout the day is essential for a healthy immune system. It also keeps your digestive system hydrated and keeping things moving properly if you're picking up what I'm laying down. (on second thought, maybe don't pick that up but definitely drink plenty of water!) How much water? The truth is, no single formula fits anyone. Check this out:

Reducing sugar consumption should be a high priority. Refined sugar will only add heavily to the stress on your immune system. excessive sugar intake is closely associated with the development of low-grade chronic inflammation and autoimmune diseases. You can read about it here:

Supplement with Vitamin D and Zinc. I'm no longer a fan of the CDC but here's a quote from their website, "Vitamin D is essential for bone health as well as muscle and nerve functions. Vitamin D also helps the immune system fight off bacteria and viruses." I began taking D and Zinc because of a doctor that was getting great results helping his patients prevent and treat Corona viruses. Check out his suggestions here: By the way, pictured to the left are the two supplements I take daily. If you don't have a 20% discount to Fullscript to purchase these, let me know and I'll set up an account for you or follow this link to set up your own account and then email me for the extra 10% off.

Want to learn more about hundreds of research studies on how to treat viral infections including Coronaviruses with vitamins and other medications? Check out this site full of studies-

Healthy Food Choices cannot be understated. Avoiding processed foods and focusing on fresh, whole foods and will produce the energy the body needs and the raw materials necessary to fuel your immune system and nervous system. Eat a variety of colors of fruits and veggies to get all the phytonutrients your body needs.

The two elephants in the room regarding the role of vaccination and masks in regards to the immune system. Instead of giving you my opinion about these two topics, I would prefer just giving you the information to make your own decision.

First, it's important to learn the difference between the innate immune system and the adaptive immune system and how vaccinations are supposed to work. This MIT professor and Ph.D. will explain that for you and then you can come to your own conclusion as to whether vaccines are the correct choice for you and your family. In this video, you'll learn the difference between natural and vaccinated immunity-

Second, a meta-analysis is a study of other published research to come to an overall conclusion about a topic. The following meta-analysis looked at "5471 articles, including 37 (40 references)" to evaluate the adverse effects and risks of mask wearing, quite a comprehensive study indeed. I know you are very intelligent so I'll let you read the study yourself and come to your own conclusion as to whether or not the benefits of a mask outweigh the risks.

I will add two more pieces of information for you to help make a decision about masking to stop a respiratory virus. First, the best masks that are readily available that filter the highest amount of particles are called N95 masks. They are designed to filter 95% of particles that are .3+ microns in size which equals 300 nm or larger ( The virus you are trying to keep from getting through the mask however is 50-140 nm or 2-6 times smaller than what the mask is capable of filtering and that is with the best mask available (N95) fitted so there are no air gaps anywhere around the mask where it must seal completely to your face. (

OK, That's a lot of Science!

How about a few laughs?

And Now A Prayer to Bless Your New Year

Dear Heavenly Father,

As we stand at the threshold of a new year, I lift up each of my beloved patients to Your loving embrace. May Your grace overflow in their lives, bringing forth joy that surpasses all understanding. Grant them peace that transcends the challenges of this world, filling their hearts with serenity and assurance.

Lord, I pray for the gift of optimal health for each individual under my care. May Your healing touch be upon them, guiding them towards a path of wellness and vitality. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve as an instrument of Your grace through chiropractic care, and I ask for Your wisdom to guide my hands and heart in providing the best possible care for my patients.

As we embark on this new year, may your blessings abound in their lives. Strengthen their bodies, renew their minds, and uplift their spirits. May they experience the transformative power of Your love and the benefits of regular chiropractic care, promoting not only physical well-being but also harmony in body, mind, and spirit.

In Jesus' name, I pray.


In Health and Faith,

Dr. Jay, Kim, Lori, Nastassja, Kerrie and Kaitlin

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