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January, 2023 Newsletter

Important Hours to remember: Saturday, December 31st (New Year’s Eve) open 8:30-11:30 AM only **Winter weather closings will be posted in the Hours section of our website, it will be recorded on the office phone message (603-434-3456) and we will send out an email blast. Though we are hardy New Englanders, I tend to err on the side of caution so please check with our office if there’s a question as to whether we’re open or not due to the weather conditions.

New Year’s Resolutions?

Well, it’s official, since I moved to New Hampshire a year ago this month, I’ve gained 35 lbs. That’s not an easy thing to share. Being 5’6” and weighing 201 is a little embarrassing for a Chiropractor trying to teach others how to maintain their health. I’m supposed to be an example of what good health can look like and I’m not doing that great a job. It’s true that I get adjusted weekly, I get AT LEAST 6-8 hours of unbroken sleep each night, I meditate and pray and feed my mind with positive books and podcasts (my favorite podcast of late is Lewis Howe’s School of Greatness) but I’ve become a slacker in the eating healthy and getting daily exercise areas of my life. This weight gain has been effecting my spinal and joint health of late and seems to be reaggravating old injuries of mine. So, I’ve made a commitment to right the wrongs in my own journey of health and YOU are my motivation. As you see my health and outward appearance improving, I hope it inspires you to either continue doing the right things for your health or begin doing the things that will optimize your health. I’ve found that ‘going it alone’ isn’t such a great idea. There needs to be some accountability. I used to be an athletic trainer for The State University of New York at Stony Brook and although I’m familiar with putting together training programs, I’m going to take heed of the old statement that says, “Doctor that treats himself, has a fool for a patient”. I’m going to take advice from someone that I’ve known for a few weeks now who is not only the picture of health but he’s one of the most genuine, caring, knowledgeable, well-read and highly recommended exercise, strength, conditioning and nutrition specialists. His name is Sean Ferguson and he comes as part of a true healthcare team with his wife Alexia. I take care of a few of his clients and let me tell you, their transformations are impressive. I asked Sean and Alexia to put together a few paragraphs for our newsletter. I know many people who read my newsletter are not in New Hampshire and the good news is that most of his clients take advantage of his personal programs online from out of state. Here’s more information about them…

Granite Peak Performance LLC is locally owned and operated by Sean Ferguson, CSCS alongside his wife, Alexia. We predominantly offer online-based personalized strength training. Our mission is to help you move better, get stronger and improve your overall health. We work with individuals whose athletic goals range from improving general daily living to elite-level sports performance. Our approach for each client is to focus on your structural balance, improving basic movement patterns, and building strength which translates to achieving your individual goals in great health. Online personalized training allows you the flexibility to complete your fully-customized training program anywhere, anytime. To start off, each new client completes an initial consultation to establish your personal fitness goals and the equipment available to you for your training sessions. Each training program is 4 weeks long and is delivered via the TrainHeroic app. Programs are composed of 3 lifting days and 2 conditioning days per week. Bi-weekly check-ins are provided to ensure your programs are advancing smoothly. Sean has over a decade of training experience. He began his training career as a fitness coach in the private sector working with clients of all ages. He then transitioned his focus to geriatric clients, strengthening and assisting with basic functional movements. He has most recently worked as a Strength and Conditioning Coach at the collegiate level both at the University of Florida as well as Southern New Hampshire University. Sean opened Granite Peak Performance LLC in 2021. He has worked with a broad spectrum of clients thus allowing for a well-rounded approach to train clients from all backgrounds. Sean currently holds the following certifications; NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist Functional Movement Systems (FMS) Level 1 Reflexive Performance Reset (RPR) Level 1 Fascial Abrasion Technique for Trainers Velocity Based Training Adult, Child and Infant CPR/AED and First Aid Precision Nutrition L1 Certification - currently in progress Check us out at All new customers get $50 OFF their first online program. We would love the opportunity to meet you and work with you in the new year! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from Granite Peak Performance!

C1 Toggle Recoil Adjustment- The oldest adjustment with profound results. How’s YOUR Atlas?

You many not have known, but custom built into each of the tables in our office is a hydraulic mechanism that lifts the headpiece up to create a table that I can perform Upper Cervical, Toggle Recoil Adjustments on. I also have an adjusting instrument called an Integrator which was designed to deliver the same adjustment with even less force. Of all the Chiropractic adjustments I give in the office, this adjustment is by far and away the most effective at removing pressure from the brainstem in order to achieve truly miraculous changes in the function of the human body. By taking the pressure off of the brain stem and medulla oblongata, we are able to restore the communication between the brain and the nearly 70 Trillion cells in the body that make up your glands, organs and tissues. A traditional adjustment where I adjust your C1 (atlas) either lying on your back or sitting up in the chair works well in the majority of the cases but when we put you on your side utilizing our special cervical drop piece, without adjusting any other part of your spine but C1 (and possibly C2), we allow your body the ability to create true and profound healing responses that make other Chiropractic techniques pale in comparison. The delicate "Brain Stem", just thicker than a pencil, is suspended from the brain and extends down through the tunnel formed by the C1-C2 ring-like vertebrae. The bottom most part of your brain is called the Medulla Oblongata. The medulla oblongata is responsible for regulating several basic functions of the autonomic nervous system, including respiration, cardiac function, vasodilation, and reflexes like coughing, sneezing, and swallowing. When the spinal column is in proper alignment, the spinal cord (or brain stem) can pass unimpeded through these ring-like openings and there is no pressure on the Medulla, but when one or both of the top two vertebra become misaligned (subluxated) the "Brain Stem" is impinged and normal nerve supply is cut off to parts of the body served by that nerve track. Dr. B.J. Palmer was the son of the founder of our Chiropractic profession and he is known for having done the bulk of the research that explained how Chiropractic works. B.J. Palmer's research led him to the conclusion that the upper cervical portion of the spine where the brain stem (medulla oblongata) is located is the control center for the entire body and pressure in this area is the cause of dis-ease in mankind. Furthermore, he concluded that removing this pressure by means of an adjustment would correct the cause of disease and the body would heal itself. Dr. Palmer developed the technique called Toggle Recoil. This technique specifically removes the interference and allows the power that made the body to also heal the body. This force comes from "above down and inside out." We are trained at Palmer College to locate and remove this C1 subluxation (misalignment) with a toggle recoil adjustment which restores the vertebrae to its normal position. When the subluxation is corrected, the mental impulse life force, Innate Intelligence, can now flow in its full capacity from the "Brain Stem" to the dis-eased gland, tissue or organ; healing or repair takes place in a natural way and pain and the ravages of dis-ease disappear. "Good health is everyone's birthright, we were all born with the innate ability to be well. We merely need the means to tap into that ability. This technique fulfills that ability. If you want me to check your atlas and use the toggle recoil technique on your next office visit, just let me know. Realize that it works best if we do not adjust the spine below C2 and use this technique exclusively. I have a feeling that you’ll love it and request it on each visit. It’s literally like pressing the reset button on the computer. Check out the most current upper cervical research—> Know that I’m always on the lookout for new technologies that can detect and correct subluxations more gently and more effectively with objective pre and post analysis. I’m researching one right now. More on that to come soon if this instrument turns out to be able to do what it claims to be able to do. The price tag is hefty so I’ll weigh all that out as I get more information.

NEW YEAR, NEW GOALS. Goalsetting 101

Here’s an excerpt from one of the Chiropractic books I wrote to help you set your goals in a meaningful way this year: The Importance of Setting Goals I’m writing my goals for the year today and just got done reviewing my goals all the way back to 1993. The goal categories are: Personal, Financial, Material, Business, Spiritual, Learning, Health, Travel and "Ultimate Goals" (way out there huge goals).

  1. Write for 10 minutes without stopping for each category on a whole clean piece of paper. Write anything that comes to mind. Easy stuff and crazy stuff. Write it all.

  2. Then, go back over all of the goals you wrote in every category and pick out and list the top 10 Goals for this year on a new sheet of paper.

  3. Next to the goal write why it is important to you and give a compelling reason.

  4. Next to the reason, write down the date when you will have it accomplished by. Without a date, it is a weak prayer.

  5. For each of the top 10 goals, break it down into 12 easy steps to be divided over the time remaining until the goal will be accomplished. IE, if it will be accomplished by December of 2023, there is an action step for each of the 12 months. Now you have a goal, a reason why you must accomplish it, a date and 12 easy action steps to achieve it. YES, it is a lot of work...YES it is worth it.

OK, it’s a new year, how about a few laughs?

Let’s pray as we head into the New Year Dear Lord, we ask that you would provide for our needs, we ask for your grace and favor. We pray for your blessings to cover us, we pray that you would help us to prosper and make every plan that you have birthed in our heart to succeed. Shine your light in us, through us, over us and from us. May we make a difference in this world, for your glory and purposes. Set your way before us. May all your plans succeed. May we always reflect your peace and hope and love to a world that so desperately needs your presence and healing. In Jesus Name, Amen.

In Health and Faith, Dr. Jay, Kim, Nastassja and Lori

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