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December 2022 Newsletter

Important Dates To Remember:

Saturday, December 24th Closed for Christmas Eve

Saturday, December 31st open 8:30-11:30 AM only

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Supplements I Take Every Day (and some I keep on hand but don't take daily)

Supplements are not a one size fits all thing but I get asked all the time what I take on a daily basis and what I keep in my home for a "just in case" scenario. So, knowing that in advance, here's what's in my daily vitamin regime:

Remember, Chiropractic IS Not the practice of nutrition so I don't sell ANY vitamins in my Chiropractic practice even though I do believe that supplementation is important and often vital for health. I also am a HUGE fan of Standard Process and their sister company in Australia, Medi-Herb.

If you are interested in any of the supplements above which I'm going to describe below, you can get your own account by going to their website And enter the code NR4JQE. They will email me to confirm that you are my patient. If you are, I will respond to their email affirmatively that so that you can have your own account. Supplements I take Daily: Glucosamine Synergy combines glucosamine, Boswellia serrata, and manganese to help maintain healthy joint function. Maintains healthy connective tissue, Supports the body's normal connective tissue repair process, Supports joint health, Contains many of the same ingredients as Ligaplex II, with the added benefit of glucosamine and boswellia for relieving discomfort in the affected areas after strenuous exercise* Excellent source of manganese. Personally, I take it to support healthy joints. Ligaplex I, a joint support supplement in a capsule, supports the body’s normal synthesis processes of connective tissue cartilage. Supports the body’s normal synthesis processes of connective tissue cartilage* Supports healthy joints. Supports bone growth and the synthesis of cartilage. Contains a combination of key ingredients from Manganese B12™, Cataplex® E, Ostrophin PMG®, and Cataplex® A-C-P. Excellent source of vitamin B12 and manganese. Boswellia Complex contains Boswellia, Celery Seed, Ginger and Turmeric to support healthy joint function. These herbs have been traditionally used in herbal preparations to: Maintain and support healthy joints, Support healthy circulation, Support the normal function of the kidneys, and Provide antioxidant activity. Personally, I take it as a very potent and effective ant inflammatory and when combined with a healthy fat like Cod Liver Oil capsules or avocado, it is absorbed up to 4 times more effectively. Cod Liver Oil supports healthy skin and eyes, addresses vitamin A and D deficiency, and may support mood challenges. It also Supports epithelial tissue, Supports bone and tooth health, Supports musculoskeletal system, May support liver function, Supports immune system response, Supports healthy inflammatory processes, it is an Excellent source of antioxidant vitamin A and a Good source of vitamin D. Cod Liver Oil supports general health and helps bridge the gap in dietary omega-3 intake. Supportive but not conclusive research has shown that consumption of EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. Turmeric Forte contains a bioavailable form of Turmeric rhizome and Fenugreek seed to support a healthy inflammatory response. These herbs and their constituents: Support a healthy inflammatory response, Maintain and support healthy joints, Support healthy liver function and healthy digestion, Provide antioxidant activity. Turmeric Forte is a formulation of Turmeric rhizome and Fenugreek seed extracts to enhance absorption and improve bioavailability of curcuminoids, the active constituents of Turmeric. In a clinical study, the curcumin-fenugreek fiber extracted formulation had 24.8 times the bioavailability of an equivalent amount of unformulated curcuminoids. Turmeric rhizome provides turmeric curcuminoids, including curcumin, demethoxycurcumin and bisdemthoxycurcumin. This product is standardized to total curcuminoids and to curcumin, to ensure optimal strength and quality. (In other words, not all turmeric is created equally. I trust this one and use this one personally after doing research as to which is the best one) Vitamin D and Zinc- For vitamin D, read the following studies on it's effects on viruses including the recent one that we just experienced- For Zinc, read the following studies on it's effects on viruses including the recent one that we just experienced-

The Following I only take occasionally or as needed-

Gotu Kola Complex contains Gotu Kola leaf, Grape seed and Ginkgo leaf for healthy skin, capillary and circulation support. These herbs have been traditionally used in herbal preparations to: Promote healthy skin, Promote healthy blood circulation, Support healthy capillaries, Provide antioxidant activity. Personally, I take this herb when I have a musculoskeletal injury and I find it speeds the healing by getting blood to the injured area.

Gastrex® supports digestion and stimulates cleansing of the upper gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Supports the body’s normal tissue repair process, Supports GI cleansing through the elimination of waste materials, Excellent source of niacin. This one is a life-saver if you have indigestion in my opinion. I take it if I have acid reflux and it's gone in less than 30 minutes. Recently I've begun keeping Premier Research Labs MEDI-CLAY-FX on hand which is Calcium Bentonite Clay. I take that with the Gastrex and it works twice as fast without having to take an antacid. I get the Calcium Bentonite Clay online.

Echinacea Premium combines the roots of Echinacea angustifolia and Echinacea purpurea to enhance healthy immune system function. Echinacea has been traditionally used in herbal preparations to: Help enhance healthy immune system function, Support upper respiratory tract health, Help relieve temporary mild throat discomfort associated with hoarseness, dry throat and irritants. The blending of two plant species ensures that the specific caffeic acid derivatives (cichoric acid, echinacoside, cynarin) and the lipophilic components (especially alkylamides) are present in appropriate quantities. This product contains a total of 4.1 mg of alkylamides per tablet to ensure optimal strength and quality. (I use this one to fight off the early signs of a cold or virus)

Immuplex® is a daily supplement supporting a healthy immune system response through a blend of essential micronutrients & minerals, & contains specialized extracts. Supports the immune system, Supports a healthy immune system response function, Helps maintain normal white blood cell activity already within a normal range. Contains Protomorphogen™ & Cytosol™ extracts which Supports the body’s normal inflammatory response function, Provides ingredients with antioxidant activity, Excellent source of zinc, iron, copper, chromium, folate and vitamins A, B6, and B12 and antioxidant vitamins C and E plus it's a Good source of selenium.

How Immuplex® Works to Support Your Immune System-

Immuplex® contains several micronutrients that function to support the body’s normal inflammatory response.* They also work synergistically in the immune response, and many are critical for antibody production. These micronutrients include zinc, selenium, vitamin C and vitamin E. They exhibit antioxidant properties which may help support oxidant-mediated inflammation2-3 and are essential players in a healthy immune system response.4-6 Vitamins B6, E, A, and C — also found in Immuplex® — may support healthy white blood cell function. White blood cells are vital components of the immune system.7,8 (references found on the Standard Process Website

Ashwagandha Forte is an herbal supplement that contains Ashwagandha root used traditionally as a rejuvenating tonic for stress, immune system and cognition support. It is traditionally used in Ayurvedic herbal preparations As a rejuvenative tonic to support the body’s natural immune system, To support general well-being after challenges,To support healthy cognition, learning and memory, As a nervous system relaxant that calms the mind and soothes the nerves. The research on this herb is incredible and you can find the benefits online from The National Library of Medicine search of Pub Med. Research points to the fact that this can be an effective antidepressant but if you are already on meds for depression, it's best to work with your prescribing doctor to get their advice before using this herb. I find it to be a good mood booster after just going through a very trying time last year due to the 'pandemic'.

Ashwagandha Complex contains adaptogenic herbs and compounds used for stress support. It includes Ashwagandha, Licorice, Skullcap and Korean Ginseng. These herbs have been traditionally used in herbal preparations to Work as tonic to maintain or improve general well-being, Help the body adapt to the changes of everyday life, Promote vitality and stamina in people of any age, Maintain healthy mood balance. This combination of herbs contains many compounds including steroidal compounds (including the complex mixture of steroidal saponins called ginsenosides), alkaloids, triterpenoid saponins (especially glycyrrhizin), other saponins and many flavonoids. The Korean Ginseng component of this tablet is standardized to contain 1.68 mg per tablet of ginsenosides (calculated as Rb2 to Rb1 is NLT 0.4 by HPLC) to ensure optimal strength and quality. If you have any high blood pressure, it's suggested you don't take this one because of the Ginseng. It is safe to take the Ashwagandha Forte however.

I just want to make a special note here that if you are pregnant or nursing, you should not take any of the herbs that I mentioned above without the expressed permission of your Obstetrician and/or Gynecologist. Also, as per the law, I must tell you that “The statements above have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.” Welcome to America. Lastly, once again, I don't sell vitamins in the office so if you want to buy these supplements, go directly to the Standard Process website and get your own account to order these and other whole food supplements which are made from the produce they grow on their farm in Wisconsin and process one mile down the road at their state of the art processing plant. Go to and enter code NR4JQE.

Fun, Informative, Animated Chiropractic Videos by a leading researcher in our field can now be viewed on our website that answer the questions :

- What is Chiropractic?

- How does Chiropractic effect the brain?

- How does Stress effect your brain and health?

- How does Chiropractic help during pregnancy?

- How does Spinal function effect Brain function?

- How Safe is Chiropractic?

- Why do we check your posture each visit?

- How does Chiropractic care prevent injuries?

- What is the connection between the brain, body and spine?

- What do pain and symptoms have to do with Chiropractic?

Check out these videos and more at:

I hope that you enjoy them as much as I did!

How about a few laughs to stimulate your organs, reduce your stress response, sooth tension, improve your immune system, relieve pain and improve your mood?

Both Hanukkah and Christmas are imbued with the theme of light. The symbolism of light triumphing over darkness is ancient and filled with deep meaning for Jews and Christians. As we celebrate our separate and distinct festivals of light, may the glow of each warm the others’ heart. Jews and Christians are called and challenged by our respective Sacred Scripture to be a light to the nations and the world. May this season of light and miracles be a blessing for us all as we marvel in the mystery of God’s love for us. Let us be the Bright Lights in the darkness of the world. To my Jewish friends—may you have a happy Hanukkah. And to my fellow Christian brothers and sisters—may you have a merry and blessed Christmas.

In Health and Faith,

Dr. Jay, Kim, Nastassja and Lori

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