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We are Open as of April 1st!

It's been about a week away from the office and we're finally coming back...BUT... with some changes to be SAFE, SECURE, COMPLIANT and Filled with LOVE, LIGHT AND COMPASSION!

We had our in office Procedure and Safety Training today and we're ready to go with some pretty significant changes to keep you and your family Safe and Secure when you're in the office.

You can read about all the changes by visiting our website and selecting the new COVID-19 Q&A Page or just follow the blue link here.  On that page you'll find many resources for you and your family including our new Office Procedure and Safety Manual.  I realize it's pretty long so I'll just summarize some important parts here...

You will be asked several questions before you can book an appointment either online or by phone.  You will be asked to stay home if you are feeling sick but primarily if you have a FEVER or COUGH and you will be directed to the ER if you are having difficulty breathing.

You will get a reminder about those symptoms by email after you book.

You will be asked those questions again when you arrive for your appointment and you will have your temperature taken with a touch-less digital thermometer before your adjustment.  If the temperature is above 100.4 F, we will ask you to call your family doctor and to self quarantine and self monitor your temperature and symptoms at home.

Everyone who goes back to an adjusting room MUST have paperwork in the office and a note card even if they were previously seen without one including children or they will not be allowed in the office/ adjusting room.  Yes, that means no 'visitors', just patients.  If your child or spouse does not have a file, please download the new patient paperwork and fill it out for each child/ adult who does not have an official file in the office.

The check-in process will be 100% touch-less.  Our credit card machine is set up to not ask for any signature or response from you at all.  If paying by cash you must have exact change.  If paying by cash or check, you will be given an envelope to place your payment in and deposit it in a box at the front desk.

Young children will get a paper bag with a car, sticker and a lollipop.  The car is sealed in it's wrapper and is for keeps and will not be returned.  If you prefer no lollipop, let us know and we will give you a bag without one.

There can only be two people or two families in the office at a time.  If you arrive early for your appointment or if we are falling behind (I hope not though), you will be asked to wait in your car until your room is ready as there are no reception room chairs or waiting outside a room or at the front desk to comply with the 6 foot rule.

There will be hand sanitizer available for you before and after your visit. Please either use the sanitizer or wash your hands before going to the adjusting room.  I'll be doing the same thing.

The tables will be sanitized with a 70% Ethanol cleaner.  Both the cleaner and the hand sanitizer have a few drops of orange and lemon essential oils in them.  I mention this in case someone is allergic to those oils.

That about sums it up but I have two requests.

1.Visit our website and familiarize yourself with the resources there on the COVID-19 Q&A Page.

2.Please watch the video on that page just below our office safety manual. In a world where it's nearly impossible to separate the news from the fake news, I think this video from a Pulmonologist working in an ICU in New York City is perhaps the most important video that I have seen giving real world advice on what is really going on and what to do.  Do yourself a favor and take the time to watch this video!

Remember April 10th is Good Friday so we will be gone then but my conference has been cancelled so that will be the only day we are closed in the month of April and we'll take it one day at a time after that...


In Health and Faith,

Dr. Jay, Roberta, Kathy, Elli and Lori

OH YEAH, one more thing...

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