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Short June Update

As of Thursday, June 2nd, I will no longer be working at The Joint in Manchester due to an unresolved issue there. I will be working at both the Nashua and the Salem The Joint Locations but unfortunately, I don't have a fixed schedule at those offices. My last day working for The Joint in New Hampshire will be June 30th. After that date, I will begin looking for my own space to open a practice somewhere within a 25 mile radius of Manchester. I'll keep you posted as to when and where Bright Light Chiropractic ( ) will be opening.

I just want to reiterate how much I miss everyone in Rhode Island. This has been perhaps the hardest time in my life, maybe more difficult than when our home was destroyed in a Tornado in Cincinnati when we were in it. But, like the Tornado, the good part is that we lived. And, we will get through this too.

I'm seeing this as a new and exciting opportunity to serve another community for God. I trust Him and I believe that the best days are out ahead of us and I believe that for you too.

In Health and Faith,


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