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October 2023 Newsletter

Important Dates to Remember:

Monday, October 30th- Elvis Presley will be adjusting patients from 8:30-1 and 3-6:30. One Show Only and then He's heading back to Memphis to spend a quiet 31st with Priscilla.

Possible closure on Columbus Day... I'll keep you posted as I may need to help a family member that day.

Thursday and Friday, November 23rd and 24th- Closed for Thanksgiving

Conclusions from my 3 Month Multivitamin Search

TO RECAP: In month one I took AG1, a greens powder with adaptogens, superfoods and a plethora of multivitamins in a form that's easy to mix with water, is taken once a day and tastes pretty good. I felt much better using it but it costs roughly $100 a month. In month two I took Huel Daily Greens powder which was just like AG1 for roughly half the price. I also felt great using this and it claims to have even more benefits than AG1. I really thought they were essentially the same. In month three I took a more traditional multivitamin, Thorne Multivitamin Elite which has an AM and a PM formula requiring that you take 3 capsules twice a day. These multivitamins are roughly $70 a month. Truthfully, I didn't feel as good while taking these. Maybe it was because they lacked the adaptogens the other two had which aid the body in adapting to daily stress. I sat down and wrote a 6 page paper on my observations which you can read by clicking HERE but I shared it with a few friends and my wife and they all said that it was too technical and read like a legal brief. In other words it was BORING! So let me just sum up what I've learned in a few short paragraphs. First, You're not going to find health in a pill, potion, lotion or a bottle or scoop of multivitamins. You may think that our food supply is being depleted of nutrients because of industrial farming and you'd be right but the bottom line is that there's no substitute for eating a Whole Food, diversified diet from preferably locally sourced organic farms. Whole foods offer a complex mix of nutrients, antioxidants, and phytochemicals that are difficult to replicate in a lab for use in multivitamins. Dehydrated or dry-frozen supplements are still processed foods that lack the Energy and Life that's contained in fresh or flash frozen foods of all types. So, if you have to choose between a diet including a wide variety of colors and types of whole, unprocessed, organic food sourced from local farmers or your own garden (or tower garden from my friend Laurie Berg below), or processed supplements, choose the whole foods over trying to select 'the perfect multivitamin'. Second, a one size fits all vitamin is a mythical creature like a unicorn. Everyone wishes and hopes to see one but the reality is that they don't exist. Men have different nutritional needs from women, children have different needs from adolescents who have different needs from adults and the elderly (I'm not as fond of the word "elderly" as I approach 60). Truly the only way to figure out what supplement you need to take is to have a comprehensive vitamin and mineral blood work test done a few times a year and then just take what you're deficient in but that costs thousands of dollars and it's impractical. Eating a diverse organic whole food diet is still the best solution. Third, I hate to be biased here but after all, I am a Chiropractor. What's the use of eating a great diet or taking expensive vitamins if your nervous system isn't working well because of subluxations at C1, T6, T12 and L1? All those subluxations can ruin your digestion and decrease your ability to absorb what you're eating. So, if you're going to spend money on eating healthy and taking vitamins, GET ADJUSTED and make sure you're able to digest and absorb what you're eating. Fourth, if you are going to take a multivitamin, remember that it's a SUPPLEMENT to a well balanced diet, not an alternative to it. Your nutritional needs will change over time due to factors like aging, pregnancy, illness, or shifts in your dietary choices so the vitamins you take to supplement your diet will likely need to change over time as well. Lastly, I believe that it's entirely possible that the mere act of taking a supplement with FAITH, HOPE, CONFIDENCE and LOVE can Raise your Frequency, your Vibration and your level of Energy. Many might call this a placebo effect but this effect shouldn't be discounted! Many studies have shown placebos to be as effective or more effective than actual treatments Click Here To See and they have no dangerous side effects. It's well documented and researched that human feelings, thoughts, psychological attributes, and perhaps even life choices including taking supplements and multivitamins may resonate with the molecular cellular level and affect the most significant to the most subtle processes of life in a positive way. Click HERE to read about how that works. Having said all that, the Multi-Vitamin that raised my Vibration, my Frequency, my Energy and my feeling of overall Well-Being was AG1. Huel Daily Greens was a VERY, VERY, VERY close second for half the price. If I had taken the Huel Daily Greens the first month instead of the second, perhaps it would have been slightly better than the AG1 but I was already feeling great when I started the Huel Daily Greens. Truly, they are basically identical in color, ingredients, results (for me) and flavor. I can substantiate $45 a month to fill a wide variety of potential deficiencies in my diet, get adaptogens and superfoods into my diet daily and 'feel better' even if I was right about the potential for the placebo effect. Huel is mixed with 8 ounces of water so it's a reminder to drink water first thing in the morning which could also contribute to its effectiveness. So, Huel Daily Greens is the winner! Huel isn't paying me a dime but here's the link to where I order mine from their website. If we can get enough people to make a large order, maybe we can get a group discount but at roughly $45, it's a good deal. I also use their Huel Black meal replacement so check that out too while you're there.

Patient Business Spotlight

Learn a Real World way to eat organically and grow your own food even if you don't have a lot of space or time. My friends Laurie and Peter are Rebel Gardeners who have stayed healthy by making home grown organic food their medicine...

Register for Laurie and Peter's Webinar. It's going to be a fun and informative presentation!

"4 towers indoors. Greens, tomatoes, and peppers already taking root in the ones brought in over the last two weeks. Looking forward to having all of this and more growing indoors all Winter long." Peter and Laurie will be doing a live webinar on Thursday 10/5 at 8 p.m. - Eastern Time. They will talk about their experience with the towers, answer questions, etc. More information is forthcoming, you can register here: #towergarden #foodfreedom #growyourownfood #Rebelgardeners If you want to get in touch with them sooner, give us a ring and we'll give your contact information to them.

How about a few smiles?

And Now A Prayer from Elvis Presley

ahead of his visit this month

Oh, thank ya, thank ya very much, my friends,

As your Chiropractor, let the healing begin.

I'll adjust your spine with my rock 'n' roll flair,

Easing your troubles and worries, so you'll feel lighter than air.

Lord, bless my hands as I work on their backs,

Straightening them out, removing those cracks.

Guide my fingers with grace and precision,

So my patients find relief, it's my life's mission.

With every twist and gentle alignment I make,

May pain and discomfort start to fade and break.

Grant them strength and good health once more,

So they can boogie and groove like never before.

Let their bodies sway to the rhythm of life,

Free from tension and strife, free from pain their whole life.

In Jesus's mighty name, I offer this prayer to you,

As I keep on rockin' and healin', this I promise to do.

Amen, oh, Amen, in my blue suede shoes,

I'll bring comfort and wellness, and chase away your blues.

Thank you. Thank you very much. See you on the 30th.

Elvis Loves you baby!

In Health and Faith,

Elvis and the rest of the Bright Light Chiropractic Family

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