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October 2022 Newsletter

Office hours:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8:30AM- 1PM and 3PM-6:30PM

Saturday 8:30AM- 1PM

Dates to make a note of:

- Monday, October 31st- ELVIS arrives for One Day Only Show to adjust Jay's Patients.

- Saturday Nov. 5th and Monday Nov.14th CLOSED to "help a friend move"

- Friday, November 25th Closed the day after Thanksgiving

- Saturday, December 24th Closed for Christmas Eve


Many of you asked for a Membership option in the office where you can pay one monthly fee in exchange for a discounted rate on your weekly visits and the ability to WALK IN at your convenience with or without an appointment to get your adjustment. We listened and here's the result:

Individual- Up to 4 visits/month $120/ mo.*

(additional visits @ $25)

Individual- Unlimited visits/ Mo. $199/ mo.*

Family- Unlimited visits/ Mo. $250/ mo.*

(2 adults and all children under 18 living in the same home)

*$10 off each membership for Seniors, Military, Police, Fire and EMS

* Membership benefits include walk-in privileges (scheduled patients seen first)

Our other fee systems including pay as you go and packages are still available for those that want to use them. Hopefully, now there's a fee system that's within everyone's budget now. The lower per visit cost of our memberships allow us to fulfill our mission of Giving, Loving and Serving so that others can live their lives more abundantly.

VIP Cards will be available to pick up in October for all current patients

YES, you read that right. Any existing patient can refer a friend or family member in during the month of October for a completely FREE, Complementary first visit that includes everything we did with you on your first visit. We want to fill the office with Wonderful, Loving, Compassionate people who want to use our office to function optimally just like you do. What better way than to let you invite people you know, like, and maybe even love, to experience Chiropractic care at Bright Light Chiropractic. Let's try to brighten as may lights as possible in our community this month.


will be appearing in our office on Monday, October 31st for a ONE DAY ONLY Show.

Reservations online and by phone to be adjusted by The King of Rock and Roll open up on October 1st on a first come first scheduled basis. There may be standing room only for those willing to walk-in to see The King but no guarantees, BABY. We have it on good authority that Elvis ordered YumEarth chocolate candies and he will have peanut butter and banana sandwiches available that day.

Pictured below is Elvis on his friend Rich's trike rolling into town for his previous gig in Rhode Island (which was cancelled permanently by the USSRI). Elvis is looking forward to working in the FREE STATE of New Hampshire and the town of Hooksett!

Who loves you Baby? Elvis does!

Have you seen our new Commercial?

Check it out!

Thank you Mary and John for producing this for us.

Thank you to all who have done a Google review of our office. If you haven't taken the time to do so, here's your opportunity. Thank you in advance!

OK, here's a little something to leaf you smiling...

I would like to take a moment to pray for those that have been effected by the hurricane in Florida, for those who are in the middle of a season of pain or stress, for those that are struggling with challenges that seem overwhelming, for those that are doing mission work in Rwanda from One Church through Mission Life and for YOU.

Lord of Unfailing Love, You are good and faithful, abounding in steadfast love. Lord Jehovah, Self-Existent One, we believe that you are Jireh (more than enough) and you are Rapha (the great Healer). You are the one who made us and knows us completely. You know our innermost thoughts and You know the struggles we have. Lord, even when we feel utterly overwhelmed, help us to know that You are with us. We humbly ask you make your presence known to those who have been effected by the hurricane in Florida and lift them up and give them protection and peace amidst the aftermath of the storm. Lord, restore the health of those that are dis-eased, calm those who are stressed and comfort those who are struggling. Father God, we ask you to place your hedge of protection around those who are traveling to do missions work. May everyone who enters our office this month receive the healing that they seek. We ask this in your Holy Name. AMEN and Halleluiah.

In Health and Faith,

Your Bright Light Chiropractic Team,

Dr. Jay, Lori, Kim and Nastassja

Copyright © 2022 Bright Light Chiropractic, All rights reserved.

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