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October 2018 Newsletter and Hours

We will be CLOSED Friday, Oct. 26th and Saturday Oct. 27th

(We might be closed to attend a seminar Nov. 9th and 10th so we will not be scheduling those days until we know for sure)

Also, remember it's baseball playoff season so stay "Heads up" in case I need to make good on my promise to take my wife to a Yankees playoff game. 

Please also mark your calendars for October 31st.  Dr. Jay will be taking that day off and Elvis Presley will be climbing off his stand in Room 1 and adjusting all the patients that day.  So, if you want to get adjusted under the cape with the King, this would be your only day until next year.

Well, we have long thought that Chiropractic care from childhood improves the quality of life by removing subluxations before they have a negative effect on the function of the body.  Now there's research that confirms that.  In fact, my son is 22 years old and I still travel 3 hours round trip every other week to adjust him because staying subluxation free is just that important to our family.

The scientific literature supports the effectiveness of chiropractic to restore healthy spinal alignment and posture according to established normal values, thereby lowering the risk of degeneration and poor health. Increasing Telomere length may be one way it does this.

The chiropractor examined the patient and found structural shifts in her spine including a loss of the normal spinal curves. Testing of her nervous system revealed obstruction due to the problems in her spine. Structural shifts can lead to obstruction of the nerves and it is this obstruction, called vertebral subluxations, that chiropractors correct. She also had her blood drawn and analyzed for telomere length.  The patient was seen for 36 visits over 5 months while she maintained her regular lifestyle throughout the chiropractic care. The patient reported her pain resolved and her quality of life improved. Her structural spinal shifts, subluxations and spinal curves improved and she no longer needed to urinate at night. The patient had blood drawn again to assess her telomere length which increased significantly.

Are you or anyone you know suffering from Headaches?  Maybe it's a good idea to have your spine checked!  Have you had your Atlas checked this week?

Please don't wait until you've been suffering for 20 years before you have your spine checked!  Get checked to prevent a subluxation from causing poor posture, decreased range of motion, trouble sleeping and to ensure a better quality of life for you and your family.

I just wanted to remind you what a bright light you are.  Thank you for allowing Chiropractic to ensure that you and your family are the brightest lights that you can be.  Now go spread the light so that we can drive the darkness out of our community.

Kinda says it all....

And finally, a little candy humor in honor of Halloween.  

And now may the Lord bless thee, and keep thee: The Lord make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee:  The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.  Numbers 6:24-26

In Health and Faith, Dr. Jay, Kathy, Roberta, Elli and Lori

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