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November 2020 Newsletter

Holiday Hours:

-Closed Friday, November 27

-Closed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

-Closed New Year's Day 

Regular Hours:

M-T-W - 8:30 AM- 1 PM & 3 PM- 6:30 PM

Friday - 6:30 AM- 1:30 PM

Online Scheduling:

- Please use the new link found on our website by pressing the BOOK NOW button found at the top of the page or below the hours.  

- There is no need to call the office if you have an email or a text confirmation.  Even with the confusion of switching from version 1 to version 2 of the online scheduler, if you have a confirmation, we will honor it.

- If you did not receive a text or email confirmation within a few minutes of booking, the booking did not go through.  If this happens, please call us or try again.

New Fees as of Jan. 1st, 2021:

$50 per visit

$40 per visit if your last visit was less than 30 days ago ($10 discount)

$30 per visit if you are 65 years of age or older

(No Charge for up to 3 children under 18 accompanied by an adult being adjusted)

A Word Or Two About Our Fee Increase

As you know, I recently lost an associate from the office.  He was what seemed like a great fit to take some pressure off of me by seeing people that needed to be seen sooner than I had appointments available on my schedule.  The reason he had to leave is that the fees I charge are not high enough for an associate to make a decent living.  He brought to my attention that I currently have the lowest fees in The United States of America.  A Google search proved him right.  The average fee now is $65-$75 a visit.  I contacted another associate from the past whom everyone loved and he also confirmed that the fees he collected on the services he rendered in my office were not enough to live on and that was the primary reason he had to leave.

I didn’t make this decision lightly.  I only did so after much prayer and consideration.  I am confident that it’s the right and prudent thing to do especially in light of the fact that we can only see 2/3 of the patients we were able to see before this virus completely changed our world, our community and my office.  

I have been very blessed to have had the opportunity to take care of you and your family.  My desire to keep our community as healthy and as unsubluxated as possible has always been my top priority. Unfortunately, there comes a time for everyone in business when they have to take a hard look at the bottom line and the future.  The last time we had a fee increase was in October of 2017 and that fee increase put us at roughly $15-25 under the national average at the time which is identical to where this fee increase will place us.

I decided not to implement the fee increase before the beginning of the New Year so that you would have ample notice.  I hope that this 2 month "heads-up" demonstrates that I truly love adjusting you and that I appreciate that you chose our office for Chiropractic care. 

It’s my hope that the fee changes I am making will help me offer our next associate (when God sends the right person) and my staff a more competitive wage.  I thank you in advance for understanding my reasons for having to make these changes.  I promise to continue to provide a faith filled office, a skilled set of hands for God to work through, a smile, and an undying desire to have each of you leave unsubluxated so that you can be the brightest light possible.

By now many of you have already voted in this election as I have.  Many of you will be going to the polls on Election Day.  Perhaps some of you weren't planning on voting at all but this story might change your mind.  CBS Sunday Morning, the only news show I watch all week, had a beautiful story about Ruth Rosner, a 104 year old New York City resident who cast her first presidential election vote for FDR.  Check out her heartwarming story here:

This virus, the masks, the hand sanitizers, the anti-social distancing, the politics surrounding the virus, the media, the schools, the zoom calls, the working from home, the lack of touch, the hidden smiles, etc. have people walking around like powder kegs.  It seems that our only job is to not be the one that lights the fuse. 

These times have brought on unprecedented STRESS and ANXIETY for the people in our community.  Both you and I aren't immune from this Stress and Anxiety.  Stress causes muscles in our bodies to tighten.  If those muscles are connected to the spine, the spine misaligns and creates SUBLUXATIONS.  These subluxations interfere with the way our body functions.  Correcting subluxations is the SOLE PURPOSE of Chiropractic. If You have been suffering from the effects of Stress and Anxiety, know that you're not alone.  I consider myself to be a pretty happy guy.  I attribute that to my close personal relationship with God, a solid, respectful, and loving relationship with my wife and kids, and having a job that I enjoy.  Having said that, just last month I had a short breakdown when I felt I was being suffocated by the mask I was wearing in church.  It took all I had to sit there, calm my breath and pray my way out of it.  That's the second time the masks caused me to be so psychologically uncomfortable that it effected my physiology.  It's a tough thing to admit that we're susceptible to psychological moments of weakness caused by our environment, the current events in our society and even the masks that other people think are 'harmless' but cause you stress and anxiety.  KNOW  THAT YOU'RE NOT ALONE!  There was another great piece on the CBS Sunday Morning show called, "Mental Health Toll of COVID-19".  If you've got COVID Fatigue or you've had panic attacks or you've become a little over-obsessive about avoiding germs and you're feeling mounting stress or anxiety, check out this video...

If you don't watch the news, like me, here are some of the news headlines...

OK, that'll do it for this month!  

When beauty illumines a corner of your life, may your thanks to God spread that light through your whole being.  When you taste the threat of darkness, may you find the Light of the World that still shines deep inside you.  When you are held back by overgrowth of habit and smugness and prejudice, may you hear the voice of the Lord showing you the Way ahead to care and to serve.  When you are loved by another in even the smallest way, may you know that you have touched the hem of the Lord’s garment, and receive the fullness of the love of God that flows through it.  -(James Burklo) 

In Health and Faith,

Dr. Jay, Kathy, Roberta, Elli and Lori

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