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November 2018 Newsletter and Hours

**We will be CLOSED Friday and Saturday November 9th and 10th to take a class on NSA (Network Spinal Analysis).  More info about that below...

**We will have abbreviated hours the day after Thanksgiving, Friday November 23rd- 8 am- 1 pm. 

Elvis was here to adjust all day in the office for me on Halloween.  Here he is with his good friend Marco.  If you missed your opportunity to have the KING adjust you, well, you'll have to wait until next year baby.  You snooze, you lose!

Although I disagree with Dr. Phillips about having to take medication for pain caused by changes in weather, she did a pretty good job of telling the story of why your joints ache in cold weather or before a storm.  Eating a diet that avoids Sweets, Wheats, Meats and Dairy decreases joint inflammation.  Combine that with regular adjustments to keep the joints in good alignment and you don't have to worry about the weather as much!

This is a Chiropractor in Laguna California who does a great job of explaining what Network Chiropractic Analysis is and how it is very different from a traditional adjustment.  I will be attending a class in Long Island November 9th-11th to become more proficient in this technique.  I've had it done on myself by Dr. Pat Casey-Hogan in Pawtucket and I was VERY impressed with the results.  In fact, the chiropractor uses VERY light contacts that are barely felt on the body to address the subluxations and it works sometimes better than a traditional adjustment.  I will know more about how we will incorporate this technique in the office after I return.  More than likely if we begin using NSA in the office, I will have to set aside a day to only do that technique.  Watch the video and give me your feedback.

Here is a documentary about Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) and my friend Danny Knowles' father Donny Epstein who invented this Chiropractic technique back in the 80's.  WARNING: it looks absolutely crazy but the research behind it in peer reviewed journal articles is astonishing!    Here's some of the research...

This one is a great paper as well...

OK, that's enough for now.  Hope you enjoyed this month's newsletter.  Let me know what you think of it when I see you in the office.

In Health and Faith, Dr. Jay, Kathy, Roberta, Elli and Lori

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