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March 2019 Newsletter and hours

Important dates to remember: Closed Early- Saturday March 9th at 10 AM, last walk-in will be taken at 9:30 Closed- March 29th and 30th  Closed- April 12th and 13th to represent RI at the International Chiropractic Association annual meeting Closed Good Friday, April 19th Closed- Sat. April 27th and Monday April 29th to attend my son's graduation from College

Have you seen this button on our website and mobile website under our practice name at the top of the page?  It takes 5 seconds to load once the our website is loaded so give it a second or two to come up. Many people are using it to save their spot in the office and to

People using this feature have enjoyed a shorter wait time in the office and are able to get other local errands done instead of sitting around waiting for their turn in the reception room.  Remember that if you don't have access to internet or a smart phone, just call the office and we can put you on the waitlist manually at the front desk.  Of over 750 people that we've seen since implementing this system a few weeks ago, we've had only one dissatisfied person and all the rest have had positive reviews.  The waitlist feature goes live each day when the office opens and closes 30 minutes before we end a shift.  Give it a try, we think you'll love it.

Ever notice this on the way out of our office?  It's a 'bright light'.  When I ask you what you are after an adjustment, the answer is a bright light.  It's a scientific analogy.  If your brain (the electrical generator of your body) is fully connected to each of the 70 trillion cells in your body(represented by a light bulb) without any subluxations of the spine (no interference in the nervous system), you would indeed be a BRIGHT LIGHT!

More research proves that posture, balance and stability improve following chiropractic care.

That probably came of no surprise to you since I check your posture as one of the ways to determine that your spine is no longer subluxated after an adjustment.

Chiropractic is not intended to just treat back pain...

Doesn't it make sense that if the brain can't communicate with any part of the body because of a pinched nerve (a subluxation), no matter what part of the body that nerve goes to, that body part will not function properly?

In this new research paper, stomach and bowel problems resolved when the subluxation between the brain and the intestines was detected and corrected.  I've seen constipation disappear following adjustments to L1 and/or C1 for years.  This research merely confirms what chiropractors have known for years.  Still, it's pretty cool stuff!

Looking forward to checking your spine and correcting your subluxations so that you can be the brightest light possible.

In Health and Faith, Dr. Jay, Roberta, Kathy, Elli and Lori

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