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June 2020 Newsletter and Change In Hours

* Important Change of Hours beginning 6/15* Summer hours beginning 6/15/20:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday-  8-1 and 3-6

Thursday and Friday- 8-1 

Closed Saturday and Sunday

We will be sticking with the BOOK NOW feature on the website and appointments only due to the necessary time required to wipe the tables down and wash hands between every patient.

I thought long and hard about the hours in prayer and meditation.  I think there are several advantages to the changes...

1- These hours allow most people to get in before work M-F from 8-9 AM.

2-  These hours allow most people to get in after work M-W from 5-6 PM

3- These hours allow most people to come during lunch M-F from 12-1

4- These hours actually add an hour+ to our current weekly schedule.

5- These hours avoid busy restaurant parking times on Thurs. and Fri. night.

6-  These hours allow my assistants and I to have 2 days off in a row.  (That's something I haven't had regularly in nearly 30 years of practice and I'm really looking forward to it.)

Regarding our Mask policy:

We've been asked if a mask is necessary in our office again and again...

When you walk into the office you will be asked if you have a cough, a fever or difficulty breathing.  You may be asked additional questions depending on your answers.  IF you can answer NO to those questions, you will not be required to wear a mask.  

We are not going to violate your constitutional rights in our office, nor are we in a police state and we are certainly not the police.  If you don't want to wear your mask or are unable to wear a mask due to any medical condition, you will still be welcome to be adjusted.

We Trust that you are an adult and know how to wash your hands.

We Trust that you are an adult and will stay home if sick.

We Trust you to do your own research on the effectiveness of masks so that if you are in a high risk group you will wear one that is effective.

We have safety procedures in place and will continue to do so.

Other Virus Related Advice:

We encourage you to read the outcomes of double blind studies comparing any vaccine to a saline placebo before you consent to taking it.  Just like Dr. Fauci said, it takes at least 18 months to do the necessary testing to produce a safe vaccine.  Hopefully the data from the studies on a COVID-19 vaccine will be available for you sometime in October of 2021 after the full length of time it takes to properly test the vaccine.

Trust God, Trust your Immune System, Eat a predominantly Plant Based Healthy Diet, Get Plenty of Sunshine, Smile More, Be Kind and Surround Yourself with Kind People, Take Vitamins A, C, D and Zinc.

Don't panic.  Stress depletes your immune response by causing an imbalance in your HPA axis.  That means that stress negatively affects the hypothalamus - pituitary gland - adrenal gland function which in turn causes your body functions, including the immune system, to crash.  Activation of the HPA axis results in elevation of circulating concentrations of corticosteroids which drive them from the thymus and spleen into the periphery and inhibit various immune activities. Stress also causes the muscles next to the spine to contract and cause subluxations which interfere with normal function of the immune system.

Turn off the News.  The amount of misinformation and fear mongering is startling.  Unless you believe that by watching the news, you will personally be able to do something to change the narrative, turn it off.  Do it for just 7 days and see how that affects your health both physically and mentally.  You can do anything for 7 days.  Give it a try and don't cheat by watching the news on the internet or from social media. 

Check out the COVID-19 Q&A tab on our website.  We've added a new movie and a study about asymptomatic people's ability to spread the disease as well as a commentary about masks from The New England Journal of Medicine.

Last, but not least, Congratulations on the successful launch of two astronauts by Space X and NASA on Saturday, 5/20/20!

And now may the Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord make His face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you. And may God give you His peace in your going out and in your coming in, in your lying down and in your rising up, in your labor and in your leisure, in your laughter and in your tears… Until you come to stand before Jesus in that day in which there is no sunset and no dawning. Amen. (-Dr. Robert H Schuller)

Wasn’t that beautiful?

I just wanted to share it with you. May it touch your heart like it touched mine. 

Have a wonderful & restful Sunday everyone! May your homes be filled with warmth & laughter especially with the people dearest to you.

In Health and Faith,

Dr.Jay, Roberta, Kathy, Elli and Lori

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