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July 2018 Newsletter

Important dates and scheduling reminders:

We will be CLOSED Wednesday, July 4th We will be CLOSED Friday and Saturday August 10th &11th

Please remember that all new patients must schedule their first visit but after that visit you have two choices: 1. You can schedule an appointment either on the hour or half hour OR 2. You can walk in any time up to 30 minutes prior to closing and be taken on a first come, first served basis between the scheduled patients.

In case you didn't hear...

I made it!  Pictured above is the barrel I made it over the falls in.  It wasn't the sudden drop that was difficult.  It was the sudden stop at the bottom that was the real bummer!  However, nothing happened that a Chiropractic adjustment couldn't fix.

Do you know someone that looks like they just went over the falls and needs to be checked by a Chiropractor?  Click on the blue "new patient Special" button below.

Improvement in Concussion Symptoms with Chiropractic Care

A study was published in the January 2018 issue of the Journal of Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics documenting the improvement of concussion symptoms of headache, poor concentration and photophobia in a young boy who had suffered a traumatic accident days earlier.  Continue Reading

What makes the teeth decay? 

I'm having a tooth extracted next month because of tooth decay.  Click on the picture of Dr. Weston Price to hear him explain his research in the early 1900's.  Click here to find out why I elected to have the tooth extracted instead of having a root canal.  Could your root canal be making you sick?

Childhood Seizures, Chiropractic and CBD's (Marijuana plant extracts)

Wondering how the three are related? 

It just so happens that the literature is chock full of research on how specific upper cervical Chiropractic adjustments can reduce or eliminate seizures.  Click here to read the research study: CESSATION OF A SEIZURE DISORDER

If you haven't heard, the FDA has just approved a new pharmaceutical form of CBD called Epidiolex.  My friend Steve Schultz was interviewed in Rolling Stone Magazine on the subject. Perhaps the combination of Chiropractic and CBD may hold the key to drastically reducing or eliminating not only childhood seizures but a host of other dis-eases.

God Bless you and your family with good health this month and may you all remain Bright Lights by having your brain fully connected to the 70 trillion cells in your body without interference from vertebral subluxations until we have the opportunity to check your spine in the office.

In Health and Faith, Dr. Jay, Roberta, Kathy, Elli, and Lori

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