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January 2021 Newsletter

Big News!...

We will have same day appointments available which must be scheduled by phone only. These appointments are going to be made available on a first call, first served basis. Each morning we will determine how many appointments will be made available. There will be up to 20 appointments made available each day.

We can only make this available if we know how many people are coming in each appointment booked online! If you only put one person down to be seen when scheduling online, we will only have time to see that one person, not two or three. If you reserve an appointment for 2 or 3 people and only one arrives, you will potentially block a patient that needs an adjustment from being seen that day. This will only work if we work together. I have faith in everyone to look out for others in our community.

January Hours:

We will be closed to attend a conference in Atlanta (God willing) January 22nd.

New Fee Reminder:

As of January 1st:$50 per adjustment $40 if your last visit was less than 30 days ago $30 Seniors 65+ (No Charge for up to 2 Children under 18 accompanied by adult being adjusted)

Inflammation and Pain

Holy cow! Winter and it's cold weather has definitely returned! Seems like I've had dozens of conversations with people who are suffering from inflammation and pain. As you know, Chiropractic is not designed to 'treat' anything including pain or inflammation. The only thing that Chiropractic does is detect and correct subluxations of the spine to remove the interference between the brain and the approx. 70 Trillion tissue cells so the body can HEAL BETTER. Having said that, I do have some advice. It's the advice that I've given since I saw how effective these supplements were when I injured the disc in my back in 2017. It's the advice that I've taken myself since then and still take regularly. I take two herbs from Standard Process called Boswellia Complex and Turmeric Forte. These work phenomenally for me! I take a healthy fat with them in the form of Cod Liver Oil (don't worry, they're in sealed gel caps) to make the herbs work about 4X more effectively since the herbs are fat soluble. Since I've actually been to the farm where the ingredients are organically grown to make their supplements and I've seen the factory where they are made, I feel confident recommending their vitamins, herbs and supplements. I'm a Chiropractor, not a vitamin salesman so I don't stock any supplements in the office. Plus, I hate when Chiropractors try to push vitamins on people "just because they have them in stock and need to get rid of them before they expire"! I do have an account with them, order directly from them and you can too. Standard Process has a program called Patient Direct. Just send an email to me at my personal email ( and I'll share my Doctor's code with you so you can get your own account and buy directly from them. This offer is only open to patients that have a file in our office. Standard Process has other products that I use for joint health, digestion, immune system support, allergies, STRESS and ADRENAL support, etc. I'll try to cover other commonly asked questions in future emails. If you have a pressing need right now, please email me as I only do Chiropractic in the office and vitamins, herbs and supplements are certainly not Chiropractic. Thank you for respecting that boundary.

Yes, I've been Getting Healthier and losing weight!

After having done a ton of research and wanting to have the flexibility to bike indoors using the Peloton Digital App but not wanting to spend the more than $2,000 on the Peloton bike, I found a bike for less than half the money thatI LOVE, the Schwinn IC4.There are too many positive things to say about this bike but the highlights are that it connects with blue tooth technology wirelessly via an Apple iPad to the Peloton Digital App for just $13 a month as opposed to the nearly $50 a month that it costs for the Peloton service if you buy their bike (yes, crazy and backwards I know but big win for Schwinn).

This bike also connects wirelessly to other apps like Zwift and Fulgaz for more hard-core road bikers. The iPad then connects via Chromecast or Apple TV to your big screen TV and it feels as though you're in the class or actually on vacation riding anywhere in the world you choose. I love it! Check it out--> they're in high demand since I bought mine and the price has gone up but the shipping is still free.

This bike combined with the Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE I was able to get on Facebook Marketplace second hand has helped me to drop about 12 pounds since I started working out at home! The Bowflex I got was this one --> . Full disclosure- I waited patiently for the Bowflex and got it for less than a quarter of the price second hand. Even at full price, the Bowflex would have paid for itself but the bike paired to the Peloton App is really what I've been using the most.

My neighbor asked me to share this with you. Give Qigong a try...

“Stand like a mountain, move like a river.” Anonymous

Welcome to my online, virtual Qigong/yoga studio. I am so excited to be part of the Mariner Square office complex, especially with so many other wonderful healers in the same building. My intention in offering these virtual classes is to provide sacred space right in the comfort of your own home. Originally I was not planning on teaching virtually, but during this time of uncertainty, Covid -19, and trying to figure out our new norm, I had to figure a way to continue teaching. Practicing self-care is critical right now, and it's our first line of defense to keep our immune system healthy. It’s crucial how we show up to this moment. Teaching virtually has been a blessing for me during this time of isolation. I realize I am not alone. Even though we are not together in person, my community has expanded near and far, and energetically, I am still able to make heart felt connections.

My classes offer support and skills to help ground our body, clear our mind, and open our heart to the complexities of this moment in time. If you want to affect the physical matter that is your body and the invisible matter that is your mind and your soul, the most effective practice you can learn is how to work with your energy. Qigong (energy cultivation) is based on ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine, which taps into the rich storehouse of natural wisdom within our bodies. As an energy-based practice, Qigong describes health in terms of balance of energy flow. Disruptions in the energy of the body occur throughout our lifetime as a result of poor diet, stress, sedentary lifestyle, injuries, surgery, and aging. When a person is healthy, Qi flows smoothly throughout the body.

The event that directly brought me to my life’s passion happened when I was a teenager. My father passed away at the age of forty-eight, and had battled a heart condition ten years prior. You would never know how ill he was because his spirit was so bright. His death gave me an appreciation for life, and to live every moment like it was my last. I began my self-actualization journey and traveled around the country and Europe to find the answers to how to live well. In my exploration and studies, I discovered that health wasn’t just about the right food or exercises, but also about what we cannot not see, but feel. The health of a person is about the mind, body and spirit no matter how long a person lives.

I am the founder of Feel Good Qigong, which is a culmination of my talents. I have over thirty years of experience to safely help others to reclaim their ability to stay healthy. The teachings of Qigong have brought me full circle on my path of wellness. My teaching is focused on how to reset and restore the body, mind and spirit through the principal of energy cultivation. Everything is energy, and when we understand this idea it opens us to so many aspects of our lives. My work is open minded, soulful, and nonjudgmental. I hold space so you can embody your truth and lived experiences. I hope we can share the Qi together!! For more information and what I offer, please visit my website:

And Now A Blessing:

Father, Thank you for your great love and blessing over our lives. Thank you that your favor has no end, but it lasts for our entire lifetime. Forgive us for sometimes forgetting that you are intimately acquainted with all of our ways, that you know what concerns us, and you cover us as with a shield. We ask that we would walk in your blessing and goodness today. That your face would shine on us. That you would open the right doors for our lives and for our loved ones, that you would close the wrong doors and protect us from those we need to walk away from. Establish the work of our hands and bring to fulfillment all that you have given us to do in these days. We pray that you would make our way purposeful and our footsteps firm out of your goodness and love. Give us a heart of wisdom to hear your voice, and make us strong by your huge favor and grace. In Jesus' name, Amen. Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year! In Health and Faith, Dr. Jay and the Back To Health Team

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