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January 2020 Newsletter, hours +Feedback needed on new name

Hours to keep in mind: Closed New years Eve Day Closed New Year's Day Closed Friday Jan 24th and Saturday, Jan 25th Closed Wed. Feb. 12th

I need your feedback:

As you may know, I typically make reference to you being a Bright Light after you're adjusted.  This is an analogy for two things.  First, the brain is an electrical generator.  It sends electrical impulses to every cell in the body to control and coordinate them in such a way that they keep you functioning optimally and help you more fully express life.  When subluxations are adjusted in your spine, interference between the brain and the tissue cells is removed allowing the electrical impulses to flow freely to the cells.  If the cells were represented by light bulbs, after an adjustment, you would be a Very Bright Light.  Secondly, the Bible tells us that Jesus is The Light and The Life.  I tell you you're a bright light to acknowledge that I see the Light of Christ in you when you are fully expressing LIFE after an adjustment.

That brings me to the feedback I need.  I'm considering changing the name of the office to Bright Light Chiropractic from Back To Health Chiropractic.  I want to change the focus in our office from 'getting people back to health' to checking the nervous system with a gentle adjustment for the sole purpose of helping people become a Bright Light and Keep their lights as bright as possible throughout their lifetime.  If and when we make that change, which website address do you like better?   or  ?

Have you heard about the new instrument?

I purchased an Integrator and took an additional 10 hours of coursework.  It's part of a Chiropractic technique called the Torque Release Technique or TRT for short.  I've found it helps people who are stressed out to hold an adjustment longer and it's incredibly effective at helping me deliver an adjustment that's gentle on your body as well as mine.  It took me a while to get used to being adjusted without hearing the 'cracking' noise associated with a traditional adjustment but I now I prefer it and I adjust my own wife with it.  The adjustment only takes about 3 minutes as opposed to about 6 minutes with the traditional adjustment because we are able to adjust fewer segments of the spine to get a better result without overstimulating a nervous system that's being overstimulated by stress all day long. Give it a fair chance and see if you're not an even Brighter Light by being adjusted with the Integrator using the Torque Release Technique.  You'll be hearing more about it in the upcoming months.

2020 is being touted as the year of perfect vision.

In Rhode Island it's the year of Wicked Good Vision!  What is your vision for your future?  What's your vision for your health and the health of your family?  Will you be Bright Lights fully expressing Life?  What things will you do this year to ensure that is a reality?  How regularly will you have your spine checked?  How regularly will you eat healthy foods?  How regularly will you exercise?  How regularly will you get 7-9 hours of sleep?  I can help you with your spine and we can even do it with a new and more gentle adjustment if you prefer.  Don't forget to do the other things that are necessary to maintain your Bright Light in conjunction with your adjustment. 

When you sit down in the next few days to write out your goals for 2020, may I suggest that one of them is to be The Brightest Light Possible and to ensure that your entire family Shines Brightly as well?

The wise men came some time after the birth of Christ.  One of them brought something that really stood out.  Can you guess which one it was?

For those of you who have losing weight on your New Year's Resolutions again...

Here's wishing everyone a Healthy, Happy, Prosperous, Unsubluxated and BLESSED  New Year!

In Health and Faith,  Dr. Jay, Roberta, Kathy, Elli and Lori

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