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January 2019 Newsletter

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! You will be thrilled to know that there are no planned days off this month except New Year's Day. Please Remember:  Tuesdays are by appointment until further notice.

It is however, "Snow Season" so if we have snow in the forecast, please call the office and listen to the message to determine if we will be taking a 'snow day' off.  Typically, I determine which days we take off based upon the decision of the Narragansett and South Kingstown school districts.  I post days off due to bad weather or emergencies on our Facebook page, our website in the hours section, on our Google page, on our office voice message, and soon... on our Back To Health online scheduling APP that will be downloadable for Apple and Android as well as desktop... 

How would you like to Sign-in from your smart phone and minimize your wait time in the office?

Recently we had a few days where the wait time exceeded an hour.  We are a walk-in practice but an hour wait in our reception room is not a great way to spend your time.  In an effort to reduce your wait time, I am in the process of hiring a company called Net Check-In to create an APP for our office.  Once this app is created, you will be able to download it to your smartphone or home computer through the i-Tunes store or Google Play Store. 

This app will tell you what the current wait time is, allows you to sign in virtually from your smartphone or computer, minimizes your wait once you arrive in the office and displays your place in line on the TV in the reception room so no one is skipped over.  Check out the Net Check In Website or download the APP for 'Great Clips Online Check-in' to see how it works and e-mail me with your feedback.

Here's another reminder that Tuesdays are now by Appointment ONLY for the Soft Touch Technique. 

Interested in a way to correct your subluxations and not hear the sound or feel the sudden movement of the spine associated with a traditional adjustment?  Book an appointment on Tuesdays for the Soft Touch Chiropractic Technique which is a combination of several gentle tonal techniques including Network Chiropractic, MC2, Sacro-occipital technique, Torque Release Technique, Activator, Arthrostim and others. 

Because this Chiropractic technique typically works best in a group setting where the tables are all in one room and because it may take a little longer for each person to be adjusted, we will not be doing traditional adjustments on Tuesdays.  

For those of you who think that having an app made for the office which requires you to use your smartphone is just a ploy to drum up more business by keeping your head down looking at your devices..  

Yup... you're onto my diabolical plan

May God bless you, your family and your friends today and throughout the year. In Health and Faith, Dr. Jay, Kathy, Roberta, Elli, and Lori

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