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How our office is responding to COVID-19

1. Please remember we are closed Saturday, 3/14 2. We have made several changes in the office to ensure that you have a safe place to have your family's spines checked to boost your immune response... - We have removed all the toys, buttons, books and magazines from the adjusting rooms and the waiting areas to avoid the spread of germs until further notice. All the toys have been disinfected and if you have children with you, we will hand each child a zip-lock bag with clean trains and a car to play with.  After your visit, please return the toys to the toy bin behind the front desk to be disinfected before being put back into a zip-lock bag for the next child. (We still have stickers and lollipops available for the kids and Big Kids known as adults) -We are disinfecting the tables and chairs between EACH patient. Please bear with us as this takes an extra minute or two before you go back to the adjusting areas. -I am taking time to wash my hands between each patient instead of just using a hand sanitizer. -Masks are not suggested for anyone in the office as you will see in the video below but if you are symptomatic, we ask that you wear a mask to prevent the spread of the disease to other patients. -There may be additional changes as the RI Department Of Health continues to update us by through daily emails and we welcome any suggestions from you as well. 3.WALK-INS AND THE WAITLIST ARE SUSPENDED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE IN FAVOR OF ONLINE SELF-SCHEDULING. The Online Waitlist will become an Online Scheduler instead.  You will be able to book your own appointments online instead of getting on a Waitlist or walking in.  Everyone will book a 10 minute appointment even though most visits take no more than 6 minutes.  This is to avoid large groups of people in the waiting room and eliminate wait times.  If you walk in, you will be given the next available time slot and be asked to return at that time.  You may still call the office to schedule an appointment but we will encourage you to schedule or cancel an appointment online.  This option will be available beginning Sunday at noon. 4. We have created the following Video to help you better understand the Corona Virus and Chiropractic's role in improving your immune response. Click or Tap on the picture below to start the video.

We'll be sharing more of the research related to Chiropractic and the immune system on our Facebook page- Back To Health Chiropractic RI as the days go on.  Pandemics are nothing new to Chiropractic as our profession played an important and historic role in the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic by adjusting spines to help patients improve their immune responses. Although the media and the government response may not exactly align with the Chiropractic approach of getting adjusted to improve the immune response, getting regular exercise, eating only healthy foods consisting primarily of fresh fruits and veggies, drinking plenty of water, getting at least 6-8 hours of sleep each day and making prayer, meditation and positive thinking a daily routine, we are not taking this situation lightly.  We will do all we can to remain open and to ensure that you have a place to be adjusted to keep your immune response strong to fight this virus and any other pathogens that you are faced with in the upcoming months and years.  May God Bless you and keep you and your family healthy, safe and unsubluxated. In Health and Faith, Dr. Jay and the Back To Health Team

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