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I took care of only one person that was suspected positive of the virus since we elected to close the office after Monday.  The patient happened to be my daughter, and after her adjustment, her fever broke and her appetite came back (Praise God).  When anyone has a fever these days, we tend to think the worst.  She went to the drive through C-19 testing site on Wednesday and her results came back Friday that she was negative for the virus, praise God again.  Although I had a standing offer out to take care of anyone who was ill, there were no takers.  I take that as a great sign.  There was one person who almost took me up on it but it turned out that they only had allergies and a cold and opted to take care of it on her own. So, I've heard from many of you that you're in need of an adjustment.  Many have told me that they want to get back on track to keep their nervous system functioning properly to optimize the function of the immune system.  The good news is that we're going to get re-started in the office as soon as we have the recommended personal protective equipment which should be here by April 1st (Wednesday).  One of my patients has offered me an N95 mask  but I need to have at least 3 more regular masks/ respirators before we get started so that Kathy, Roberta and Elli have the proper protection for their shifts.   There are SO many CDC and state safety requirements now and they change on a daily basis so I'm in the process of writing a new office procedure manual and office safety protocol manual.  One thing you can be sure of.  This is going to be the cleanest, safest, most Spirit filled office in the state!  I'm going to need your help and support regarding the lack of hugs at the end of the adjustment.  If you have a good way for me to acknowledge that I love and appreciate each and every one of you after the adjustment, I'm all ears.  I've considered a bow, a prayer, a namaste, etc. but my heart is aching that we can't just embrace at the end of the visit reminding each other that we are more than just a doctor and patient, we are family.  Let me know if you have any good ideas. I'm trying to create a touch-less check-in at the office.  There's no need to sign in at the front desk any more since we have online booking and we're not having you initial the note card.  I'm considering having a button on the website so you can pay for your adjustment before or after your visit which would eliminate your need to touch the credit card machine.  I've had a suggestion of just letting people mail a check to the office for their visit which could be an option.  I've also had suggestions that you come with the exact change in a plain envelope with your name on it and you can place it in a box for us to enter later.  Our credit card company has informed us that if you've paid for your adjustment by credit card before, we have the capability to pull up the last payment you made and process the card you used for a subsequent visit and email you a receipt.  If you have any good ideas about that, some feedback would be great and I'm all ears.   One last thing... If you have been coming regularly to the office in the last 6 months and you have lost your job and finances prevent you and your family from coming in, please contact me personally (  There will be no man (or woman) left behind in my office during this crisis!  If we are truly family, we must stick together.  I will not abandon anyone for any reason. OK, really one last thing... If you're feeling sick, we're going to have to ask you not to come to the office.  We just can't take any chances in the office.  That being said, I have studied the proper and safe way to care for someone with a virus based on the current CDC and EPA guidelines.  I can see you outside the office so long as I am properly gowned, gloved, N95 masked and am wearing eye protection as well as having a mask on you.  If you are sick, you will not be abandoned either!  Just please call us to let us know so that we can ask you triage questions on the phone and either get you to an emergency facility or I will get to you instead of adjusting you in the office so long as we are clear that I will not be 'treating the virus'.  I will be adjusting your spine to free your spine of subluxations thereby optimizing your nervous system which controls your immune system. That's really all!  I'll send another email once we have secured the masks and the rest of the PPE to inform you of the exact date of opening. HANG IN THERE.  It's only been 5 days since I've been in the office but I know it feels like a million years.  SOON.  I promise the cavalry is coming soon.  In Health and Faith, Dr. Jay, Kathy, Roberta, Elli and Lori

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