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First Day at The Joint in Manchester, NH

So, my first day practicing at The Joint in Manchester NH was yesterday. I want to send out a BIG thank you to all the patients that drove up to New Hampshire from Rhode Island for my first day at the new office. I was OVERWHELMED and my heart was filled with warmth. I was simply without words and you know that's not like me. I so love and appreciate all those who made the drive to NH and found that it was -1 degrees up here. I usually say that the adjustment makes you a bright light but you guys brightened my light much more than any adjustment could have.

I also want to thank those who have been praying for me. Know that your prayers are palpable and everything is working out fantastic just as God intended. Our apartment is warm (heat is included) and is beginning to feel like home. The office is big and bright and open and there are now yummy earth lollipops at the front desk. The office seems to fit like a glove for me. There isn't a kids corner yet but I hope to warm them up to that idea. I'm so grateful for your prayers and I'd like you to know that they are being answered. God is good all the time.

In Health and Faith, Jay

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