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February 2021 Newsletter

There are no foreseeable days off in February or March but watch for snow closings that will be posted on our website in the hours section at the bottom of the home page. Our office hours will be as posted on the website: M, T, W 8:30 AM -1 and 3-6:30 PM plus Fridays from 6:30 AM- 1:30 PM all by appointment only.

YES, there are now same day appointments available

These appointments are made available each morning on a first call, first scheduled basis. With only a few exceptions, we've been able to accommodate nearly everyone that calls our office by Noon. The safest bet though is still scheduling through our BOOK NOW feature on the website.

Keep It Clean Supplements

Ever wonder about what I do on my days off besides studying Chiropractic and the Bible? Well, wonder no more. I also spend a fair amount of time researching and learning about Whole Food Supplements and Herbs. As a result, I decided to open an entirely separate and distinct office Online at called Keep It Clean Supplements. My goal has always been to keep the discussion and focus completely and totally on the detection and correction of subluxations in the office at Back To Health Chiropractic and that's exactly how it will remain. You'll never see a shelf full of supplements at the office, it's simply not the place for it. Having said that, many of you have told me that you have questions regarding supplements. To that end, I'm offering my current Back To Health Chiropractic patients a free 30 minute Mini Health Review during the month of February (usually $97). This online telehealth meeting will give us the opportunity to answer any of your specific supplement questions. We'll use the new Maestro Software System to analyze and evaluate your health concerns to determine the best whole food supplements specifically for you. After the telehealth visit, you'll be given your own account for the Standard Process Website and you'll be able to purchase any of the supplements you need. In most cases the supplements arrive at your door in 2-3 days. If you feel the Mini Health Review would have been worth the $97 or more if you had to pay for it, I'll ask that you RYF (Refer Your Friends and Family) to Keep It Clean Supplements. Since the practice is online, they can meet with me from anywhere in the WORLD!

To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate,

That is the Question of the day!

I know that this vaccination stuff is a little confusing. There's talk about immunity but that it won't protect you from contracting the virus. There's a desire to help those we care about but the news is saying that you can be infectious and still transmit the virus even if you get the shots. If you think you're the only one that's confused, know that you're not alone. In full disclosure, I'm a Chiropractor, not an immunologist or a virologist or an epidemiologist though I've taken courses in Chiropractic school on all those subjects. Perhaps I know just enough to be dangerous but here is what I do know... NOBODY knows all the answers about these vaccines. In fact, they are experimental and have not been through any long term safety trials. They are only being used on an emergency basis because they had to skip some very important parts of the trials that any pharmaceutical including vaccinations usually have to go through such as animal studies before human studies. Just yesterday I spoke to a patient that's a geneticist. He specializes in the sequencing of DNA. I asked him if they had any idea what would happen to the offspring of two adults that had previously been injected with an RNA vaccine or if a developing fetus could be genetically effected by an RNA vaccine. His answer was that nobody would chance a guess at that right now since there haven't been any studies on those topics. To me, that's a little concerning but again, I'm just a Chiropractor. So, what are we to do? I think that everyone has to weigh out the risks and benefits for themselves. This is America after all and there's still freedom of choice as to what we put into our body and into our children's bodies. To that end, I suggest you take a look at the CDC's website that lists all the adverse health events that have been reported due to the Covid-19 vaccines. Here is how to access the data: Go to , then scroll down and check the box that says " I have read and understand the disclaimer" then click on the box under it that says "Search CDC Wonder". Scroll down to the bottom of the page it brings you to and click on the "I Agree" button. It will bring you to the next page where near the top you need to click on the "VAERS Data Search" button. On the next page scroll down to the 3rd box labeled Select Vaccine Characteristics". In the Box labeled vaccine product, click on COVID 19 (COVID 19 VACCINE) then click on the SEND button in the blue bar labeled select vaccine characteristics. You can then scroll down to deaths and read the current number (232 so far and it updates every Friday). Dizziness and nausea account for 1,412 reports right now and it's estimated that less than 10% ever report their symptoms to VAERS. I have personally tended to two people who experienced severe dizziness after receiving the second shot. One that was housebound for a week because of it and another who vomited uncontrollably in my office and I had to send him to his MD. So, again, do your research. This is a free country. If you decide not to get the vaccine, I will still support you, pray for you, love and appreciate you. If you decide to get the vaccine, I will still support you, pray for you, love and appreciate you. To vaccinate or not to vaccinate? That is a question you'll have to answer for yourself. Just look at the data, ask good questions and make an informed decision.

OK, How about something a little less heavy?

I always like to share something that might

bring a smile to your face.

God, it seems that every time we turn on the news, the world gets a little more confusing. We know that the world will lack complete peace until you return. Nevertheless, we ask that you intervene in the world and grant us peace. Help us to find more ways to love our neighbors and show the world your goodness. Amen.

In Health and Faith,

Dr. Jay, Roberta, Kathy and Lori

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