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February 2020 Newsletter and hours +more

We will be closed these upcoming dates: Closed Wed. Feb. 12th Closed Saturday March 14th Closed Good Friday, April 10th Closed April 24th and 25th (ICA annual meeting)

And the winner is...

No change of name of the practice or website address.  I've learned something interesting though.  People are very resistant to change.  The truth is that 1/3 (nearly exactly) of the people that responded asked for the new website because it was shorter, 1/3 asked for because it had chiro in the name, and 1/3 of the people thought it was a horrible idea to change the name of the office or the website. 

I think everybody knows that I'm passionate about the fact that my main objective in the office is to ensure that you are the brightest light you can possibly be when you leave the office.  That is, it is my highest intent to make sure you are unsubluxated before you leave the adjusting area.  If you are unsubluxated, that means that your brain is fully connected to the tissue cells without any interference caused by a subluxation.  Since the brain is essentially an electrical generator, if it is connected without interference to the cells (represented by light bulbs), those cells would be very BRIGHT, thus you would indeed be a VERY BRIGHT LIGHT! 

No change in office name or website address can change that I suppose so I'll let the proof of that pudding be "in the eating".

The biggest story in the world right now is the type of Corona Virus that originated in China.  This news report seems more scientific and offers more verifiable science than the mainstream media.  You owe it to your family to listen critically to this video and do your own research to more fully understand what's really going on...

It's not about vaccinations any more.  It's about the RIGHT TO CHOOSE what chemicals and drugs go into you and your child.  It's about protecting the 1st Amendment of the United States of America.

Even though the Vatican declared that its "OK" to inject human cells derived from aborted fetuses into your body and your child's body, the Bible is in direct conflict with that decision. Christians, Jews, Muslims and patriotic Americans gathered together in Trenton NJ to oppose a bill that would remove the religious exemption for vaccinations.  They turned out in the thousands and got the bill defeated. 

Our neighbors in Connecticut are going to need us to show up to their public demonstrations in their capitol as the state of Connecticut decides on whether or not to remove the first amendment rights of their citizens.

This is not a Chiropractic issue, this is a human rights issue and although we may have differing opinions on the 'safety or effectiveness' of vaccinations, I hope we can rally together to protect our 1st amendment rights as they did in NJ. 

You might rightly ask why i'm putting information in my Chiropractic newsletter about vaccinations when its not within my scope of practice to suggest a vaccine or to recommend that you reject a vaccination.  As a Chiropractor, I really have no opinion of vaccinations more than you can read on the International Chiropractic Association Website's official policy on vaccinations

As an ordained minister, I have plenty to be upset about knowing that many of the vaccinations are derived from cell lines that originated from aborted fetuses and that the dna of those fetuses is still found in those vaccines to such an extent that the vaccine ingredient list must include HUMAN cells as an INGREDIENT... YIKES! 

Instead of showing you a pro or anti-vaccine video about aborted fetal cells, how about you just watch this legal deposition from the person who actually created the vaccines from those aborted fetal tissues.  Nothing sensational, just a legal deposition for court.  You be the judge...

How about something positive and CHIROPRACTIC that just blew me away at the recent conference in Atlanta?

There is a new technology that was presented in great detail during a 4 hour class given by my friend Ed Gigliotti who practices in Rochester, NY.  Ed utilizes the new imaging machine called a CBCT scanner in his office.  CBCT stands for Cone Beam Computerized Tomography.

30 years ago when I was in Chiropractic school, we joked about the ability to take a 3-D x-ray of the spine and then view it from any direction to determine the exact angle of the subluxation (misalignment of the spine) so that the adjustment could be given at exactly the correct angle.  That day has come! 

The technology is VERY expensive and would increase everyone's first visit cost by roughly $4-500 dollars and it would cost roughly that price to begin to scan each patient so I am not going to invest in one yet.  Having said that, we have this technology available in offices around the country that I can refer a patient out for if we feel the images would aide us in a difficult case.

I'm sure most of you know what a standard x-ray looks like.  Take a look at the detail of a CBCT image of the head and neck and remember that in the computer we can rotate the image 360 degrees in any direction... WOW... yes, I am very excited to be a Chiropractor in these times.

Have you considered how special just writing a letter and sending it to people you care about can be for them and how it might benefit you too?

When's the last time you invested your time to hand write a letter to someone you care about?  One of my friends happens to be an owner of Dave's Supermarkets.  He is one of those extraordinary individuals who really cares about the people that work for him.  He painstakingly hand writes a note on a Christmas card to each of the employees who work for the stores!  I mean, who does that? ... He does. 

Here's an excerpt from the Harvard Business Review...  "While saying “thank you” is important, the beauty of a well-crafted handwritten note is that it can show deeper investment and appreciation than a simple thank-you can. It can follow up on a conversation, remind someone they’re not forgotten, raise new issues, or even include a gift that carries its own meaning. And in a world where so much communication is merely utilitarian, these simple acts of investment, remembrance, gratitude, and appreciation can show the people who matter to your life and business that they are important to you.

As an added bonus, studies show that those who express gratitude also benefit by experiencing better health and sleep, less anxiety, and more life satisfaction. They benefit giver and receiver alike."

Winter's not over yet so here's a snowman Chiropractic Cartoon for you.  Know anyone that looks like Bob?  Send them to one of the Chiropractors I have listed on the first visit tab of our website as we are not accepting new patients right now.  All the Chiropractors listed on my website are tried and true.

As usual, I hope the content in this newsletter has enriched your life and caused you to think critically about your health. 

In Health and Faith, Dr. Jay, Elli, Kathy, Roberta and Lori

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