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CLOSED For at least 2 weeks as of Tuesday 3/24/20

I promise that I will send a more detailed email about why I made the difficult decision to close the office which will include more important natural ways to stay well and get well if you get sick. The short version is that I was needed to adjust someone that is likely positive for the COVID-19 virus this evening to ensure that they had a healthy nervous system and as strong of an immune system as possible so that they could heal as quickly as possible.  I am following in the footsteps of the early pioneers of Chiropractic that adjusted patients who were infected during the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918 and were able to save hundreds of lives.  I had to make a decision, which in the end was easier than I thought it would be, to care for the sick in their homes in favor of continuing to adjust the healthy in my office.  I am using proper PPE (personal protective equipment) but I can not be sure that I will  not contract the virus myself so it would be unfair to potentially expose healthy people in my office.  Know that I am confident that if I do contract this virus that I will recover quickly and continue to adjust those that are sick.  Once I can confirm that I have natural immunity from fighting the virus or I have 14 days without being exposed or having symptoms of the virus, I will be able to re-open the office and care for those that are healthy wishing to maintain their health free of subluxations.

Again, I will send another email out soon with ways to stay healthy at home in my absence, how best to protect yourself from this virus and what the best course of action is if you suspect you may have contracted this virus.

In Health and Faith,

Dr. Jay

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