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Black Friday hours and a new video

We will have abbreviated hours Friday 11/23 from 8 AM until 1 PM. Last walk-in at 12:30, 30 minutes before close, as usual.

Here's my friend Dr. David Ivey sharing why he switched his practice to a Network Spinal technique from a traditional chiropractic technique like we use on most people in the office. I'll be shooting videos very soon to explain Network Spinal 'entrainments' (which is what they call the adjustment because it trains the body to stay healthy). I will share more of his videos in the December monthly newsletter but until then, you can check them out, including exercises to hold the entrainments longer, on his website . If all goes as planned, we will only be doing Network Spinal technique on Tuesdays as of January 1st by appointment. Please keep that in mind as Tuesdays will be by appointment only after the new year. -Dr. Jay

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