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August 2022 Newsletter GRAND OPENING


of Bright Light Chiropractic

in Hooksett, NH

The day has finally arrived! We will be opening on Monday, August 1st at 8:30 AM!

Our office hours are:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8:30-1 and 3-:6:30


Saturday from 8:30-1

Our phone number is:


Our Website is:

Online Booking site is:

There are so many people that I want to thank but I want to start with My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This project could never have gotten done without the prayers of all that are reading this and the mighty hand of God. For all the promises of God in Him are “yea”; and in Him “amen” unto the glory of God by us and His Word never comes back void.

-Thank you to my wife Lori who supported this project with positivity and encouragement all the way even when it looked like we might not finish on time reminding me that God was in control.

-Thank you to my friend Jack Solloway of Soil-away Construction who went ABOVE and BEYOND to get this project done on time and well under budget! I just can not say enough good things about Jack and his company. He is a both a great contractor and a great man of God.

-Thank you to Scott Gillis, carpenter extraordinaire and his partner Mike who did a fantastic job at breakneck speed.

-Thank you to Scott Soucy and his crew who did an extraordinary job on the electrical work in the office and gave me a significant discount on the work to keep it on budget!

-Thank you to Mark and his fun and crazy team from TurnOne signs in Hooksett who did a fantastic job of getting our signage done on time despite not being able to get the parts to construct the sign until a day before it was scheduled.

-Thank you to our Great building department at the Town of Hooksett for giving us guidance each step of the way so that we would not have any surprises at the end. (I'll throw another Thank God in here for everything passing on the final inspection!)

-Thank you to Spencer Meland, without whom I would not have gotten this one of a kind space.

-Thank you to Carey and Jim, the owners of Shooter's Outpost for leasing this space to me.

-Thank you to Matt and Chris, the managers of Shooter's Outpost for opening the door for our construction crew every morning before Shooter's opened.

-Thank you to my DE Band of Brothers whose practices are a constant source of inspiration for me.

-Thank you to my Son Ryan, my Daughter-in law to be Liery for being a source of Joy in my life.

-Thank you to my daughter Lindsay for the special artwork that helped to inspire the name of the office.

-Thank you to my receptionist Kim and her husband who keep showering the office with gifts and with their time and talent.

-Thank you to Roberta and Kathy, my receptionists in RI who stay in close contact and rooted me on during this entire process.

-Thank you to all the patients I have seen up until now and thank you to all the patients who will be adjusted in this new office for as many years as God allows me to serve His children.

-Thank you to everyone who prayed and continues to pray for this office to be blessed and to be a place of Healing, Faith, Grace, Love and Light that honors God above all.

So, How About A Tour?

Bright Light Chiropractic office Tour

1158 Hooksett Rd., Hooksett, NH 03106


**Please, Please, Pretty Please

Can You take a minute to do a review of the practice if I've taken care of you in one of my other practices or if you're a Chiropractor I've helped in the past? This would be so greatly appreciated and I promise to respond to each and every review personally. Thank you!

Here's the link...

And now something to make you smile for a while...

Okay, one more reminder of how important the reviews are on Google. It's the way people find their Chiropractor these days. There are about 1300 people this goes out to and I only have about 20 reviews for the new office. So... Thank You in advance for clicking on the link and starting our new office off with the most 5 star reviews in our area. I am forever grateful to you. Here's the link again... In Health and Faith, The Bright Light Chiropractic Team, Dr. Jay, Kim and Lori

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