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April 2023 Newsletter

Updated: May 29, 2023

Important dates to remember:

We will be CLOSED on April 7th for Good Friday

We will be CLOSED on Monday, May 29th for Memorial Day

We will be CLOSED on Saturday, June 17th

We will be OPEN on Thursdays in April from 9- 1by appointment only

Our fees will be changing as of May 1st. as follows:

Adjustments: More than 30 days since last visit $60* Less than 30 days since last visit $50* 65+, Military, Police, Fire & EMS $40* * $5 Cash/check Discount Packages: 5 visits @ $39 each $195 10 visits @ $37 each $370 20 visits @ $34.75 each $695 Membership: Individual- includes up to 4 visits/ Mo. $150/ mo. - Buy 3 visits get 1 free - additional visits at $35 each Although all memberships will be changing to a 4x per month plan on May 1st instead of being unlimited, anyone on a current membership will have their price per month grandfathered in until the one year anniversary of their membership agreement as a thank you for trusting our office to provide Chiropractic care for your family. All packages purchased before May 1st will be honored as well. Unfortunately it has been brought to my attention that 'unlimited' memberships are being scrutinized by many states so we're going to play it safe and have the memberships be good for enough visits to be checked for subluxations once a week with additional visits deeply discounted if needed. (

So, I recently took a DNA test

from that analyzed 92 genes and gave me suggestions on the vitamins that I should take, the foods that are best for my genetic needs, the types of exercise that benefit my genetic type and conditions that my genetics leave me vulnerable to as well as highlighting my genetic strengths. I used this company because they're US based and they DO NOT sell the DNA or sequencing to anybody. That's why this test and the 117 page report that came with it costs $299. I did find the results informative and I'm using them to create my own specific vitamin and nutrition plan as well as lifestyle modifications including exercise plan, sleep requirements, and herbal suggestions to improve my overall health. The report includes a Personalized DNA Based Grocery List.

This is a ONE AND DONE test because your genes don't change over time. It's a cheek swab, not a blood test so the collection of DNA is an easy process that can be done at home.

I've agreed to be a provider for this new technology and for the month of April, I'm only going to charge my cost of $299 to order the test for any of my patients whom I'm seeing presently or in the past. Beginning in May the fee will be $499 because it takes over an hour (closer to 2 hours) to go through the findings of the 117+ page report and make suggestions based on the results. It should be noted that it takes roughly 3 weeks to get the results back from Reveal My DNA.

The following is from their website (link above):


The myDNA Comprehensive Health report has been designed by practitioners for practitioners so it is easy to interpret and designed to enable practitioners to deliver effective consultations and health plans with their patients.

Nutrigenomics is the study of how foods interact with your genes and explains the individual genetic differences that can affect the requirements of vitamins, minerals, and compounds in the foods we eat. Everyone absorbs, metabolizes, and transports chemicals differently based on their genetic makeup; nutrigenomics unlocks this personal blueprint. Epigenetics refers to chemical tags that attach to the exterior of the genome, changing the way that your cells read and express your genetic material. Understanding DNA versus epigenetics is like understanding nature vs. nurture. DNA is your blueprint, not your destiny. Your genetic results are your nature determined at birth, and these results do not change throughout your lifetime. However, nurture or epigenetic influences, including your diet, stress levels, relationships, sleep patterns, environment, and exercise, change your genes’ expression. “Good” or “bad” genes are relative to the expression of your genes from your epigenetic choices in life.

The myDNA Comprehensive Health Report shows where you need to epigenetically narrow your choices to increase the probability of success for a sound body and mind. Epigenetics gives you control to build a healthier version of yourself, cell by cell!

The analysis covers an extensive list of 92 Genes and will guide you through a whole-body approach of personalized diet, lifestyle, and environmental insights for vibrant health.

Most of you know how passionate I am about Chiropractic. My family and I have been getting our spines checked weekly for over 30 years and I want to share with you the importance of prioritizing your spinal health and why being checked weekly for subluxations, even before pain or disease occurs, can make a significant impact on your overall well-being.

Our spine is the foundation of our body, and it plays a crucial role in maintaining our overall health and function. Subluxations, or misalignments of the vertebrae, can interfere with the proper functioning of our nervous system, which can lead to a wide range of health issues. These can include pain, stiffness, decreased mobility, and even organ dysfunction.

By getting checked weekly by a chiropractor, you can catch these subluxations before they lead to more serious issues. Regular adjustments can help correct these misalignments, restore proper nervous system function, and help prevent future health problems. Additionally, regular adjustments can help improve your posture, boost your immune system, and increase your overall energy and vitality.

I know that your time and resources are valuable, and I thank you for having considered the long-term benefits of prioritizing your spinal health. Regular chiropractic care helps you feel better, function better, and ultimately live a healthier and more fulfilling life. I want to thank you for making chiropractic care a part of your regular self-care routine, and for giving yourself the gift of optimal health and wellness. Thank you also for being such Bright Lights in our community and telling your friends and family about the benefits of regular Chiropractic care. -Dr. Jay

Do You Feel Pain In Your Joints Before It Rains or the Temperature Drops?

If so, you're in good company. 85% of respondents said YES. Check out this video...

How about a little Springtime Humor?

And Now A Moment of Prayer

Father, I thank you for the “March winds and April showers that bring May flowers.” Father, You know what is necessary to prepare me for what You have in store for my life. Help me to receive what You have for me. Prepare me as You prepare the seeds. Grow me strong, nourish and protect me with Your truth so that I can break through the dirt, sprouting into a healthy “flower” that radiates Your glory in the earth. As the sun shines longer and more brightly in the spring, may your unconditional love shine more brightly through us this season in our every thought, word and action. AMEN

We look forward to serving you in the office.

In Health and Faith,

Dr. Jay, Kim, Nastassja, Lori and Kaitlin

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