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April 2021 Newsletter

Hours: We will be closed on April 2nd and April 16th We will be closed on Monday, May 31st We will be closed June 14th, 15th, 16th, and 18th


I've been getting a lot of questions in the office about my recent T-cell test. It was negative. That means that in roughly a year of being in the office with only one week off, seeing 60-80 people a day, I either did not contract this virus or my healthy immune response fought it off so fast (like the thousands of other viruses in our environment) that I did not develop T-cells. T-cells are the 'immune memory cells' in the body. If you have any desire to know if you carry T-cells to this virus you can order your own T-cell test at Based on the most current science, my regular Chiropractic adjustments played a large role in my remaining healthy while being exposed every day to the 10's of thousands of viruses and bacteria in our environment including the Sars-Co-2 virus. See below for more details on the Chiropractic research with references.

Top 10 Fast Acting Supplements and Herbs from Standard Process and Medi-Herb...

1. Turmeric Forte (2 tablets 3x/day)- healthy inflammation response (to reduce inflammation in the body) I've found that adding Boswellia Complex (2 tablets 2x/day) and Cod Liver Oil (2 capsules 3x/day) or any healthy fat makes it more effective.

2. Nervagesic (2 tablets-2x/day)- healthy pain response (to reduce pain)

3. Zypan (2 tablets before each meal)- digestion support (This one works great if you have trouble digesting foods)

4. Gastrex (2 capsules after each meal)- stomach soothing support (I take this one for indigestion but it also supports the healing of the stomach)

5. Colax (2 capsules 3x/day)- bowel regularity support (yup, you guessed it... for constipation support)

6+7. Allerplex (12/day) + Antronex (6/day)- healthy histamine response support (for those of you with allergies)

8. Kava Forte (2-6/day) + Min Chex (3/day)-calming support (this is a quick acting herb that when combined with the minerals in Min Chex quickly and temporarily addresses anxiety) Ashwagandha Forte (2-6/day) works better in the long term but Kava Forte works more quickly.

9. Ribonucleic Acid (3-6/day preferably with a meal but 2 can be chewed if in the middle of a balance disturbance episode)- balance, concentration, focus support. Have you seen me with trouble with balance... Yup, this is the one I suggest for fast (like within 10 minutes) results.

10. Herbal Throat Spray Phytosynergist (4 sprays into the mouth and swallow every 1 - 2 hours)-Relieve temporary mild throat discomfort associated with hoarseness, dry throat and irritants. (sore throats)

We do not sell any vitamins or herbs in the office as it's not Chiropractic. You can get your own account with Standard process by going to They will ask you to enter my doctor code NR4JQE. Once you do that, they will email me to ensure that you're a patient of mine. I'll confirm that you are indeed a patient and then you can order anything that you desire.

I can answer any questions you may have by email but please respect the fact that I only do Chiropractic in my Chiropractic office. I do nutritional/supplement/herbal consultations in my completely separate online virtual practice I thank you in advance for only asking Chiropractic questions in the Chiropractic office and emailing with questions about any other topic.

Feeling A Little Stressed Lately?

You're not alone.

How about a little Chiropractic Research to explain why you've been feeling better after your adjustment?

Some Food for Thought...

An Now A Little Something To Raise The Corners Of Your Mouth And Display Your Beautiful Smile.

For Flowers That Bloom

For flowers that bloom about our feet; For tender grass, so fresh, so sweet; For song of bird, and hum of bee; For all things fair we hear or see, Father in heaven, we thank Thee! For blue of stream and blue of sky; For pleasant shade of branches high; For fragrant air and cooling breeze; For beauty of the blooming trees, Father in heaven, we thank Thee!

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

In Health and Faith,

Dr. Jay, Roberta, Kathy and Lori

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