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May 2022 Newsletter

...The answer is PILGRAMS of course!

To say that I miss my Rhode Island practice and the people that I served and came to know as family is perhaps the greatest understatement in the world. You guys have completely overwhelmed me and caused my heart to swell! 44 of you have now driven 5 hours round trip (and some even further) to come get an adjustment and to exchange hugs where I'm currently employed at The Joint in Manchester, NH. My heart couldn't be any warmer. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Each of you will never fully know how much that lifted my spirits over the last 4 months.

I've been getting emails and text messages asking if I'll be coming back to practice in Rhode Island...

Sadly, the answer is no. I still consider the government there to be dangerous and reckless. The latest piece of legislature being proposed in the Rhode Island Senate is SB 2552 which calls for every citizen in the state of Rhode Island over 16 years of age to be vaccinated or pay a $50 a month fine to the state and pay DOUBLE the state taxes at the end of the year. The bill also requires that any business (like mine) pay a $5000 a month fine for knowingly or unknowingly employing people that are unvaccinated. SB 2552 is an abomination and just the fact that 4 of your state senators thought it was such a good idea (Senators Bell, Mack, Acosta, and Mendes) is reason enough never to step foot in that state again. Know that I've been praying for everyone in Rhode Island. What a beautiful state with wonderful caring people being governed by what can only be described as maniacal, power hungry monsters.

OK, enough of that talk, on to some good news...Hiking in New Hampshire is incredible! I've been out in the snow hiking at Pinnacle Trial which overlooks the old town of Hooksett. We've been hiking and driving the Kancamagus Highway, I scaled Mt. Monadnock and just today we drove to Cathedral In The Pines which has an outdoor open cathedral that overlooks Mt. Monadnock. The fresh air and freedom up here is life restoring.

I've posted several other pictures and videos of my adventures on my Facebook page and on the Back To Health Chiropractic RI Facebook page. For now, until I open my own office, you can also see the newest videos on TikTok by following Thejointmanchester.

So, what's next? I'm currently in prayer about opening my own office in the Hooksett area or staying in The Joint office in Manchester. I'm trying to discern God's will for where He would have me serve His people. If you would join me in prayer for discernment and wisdom in making this decision within God's will, I would be so grateful.

Just a few family updates... My son Ryan got engaged to his fiancé Liery. We love her very much and she's a great person who loves our son. We're so very happy about it. My daughter Lindsay is in her last year of pre-med at Queens college and she'll be attending medical school next year. She's in a serious relationship with her boyfriend Mark and he's a great guy too. Praise God for all this wonderful news and Praise God that Lori and I have not killed each other having to adapt to living in a smaller space in our apartment here. We haven't lived in an apartment in about 30 years. This is a new adventure for us. We are waiting on God's perfect timing to decide when and if we are going to buy a home or continue to be renters.

That about sums it up. Know that you're in my prayers and that your prayers have been palpable to me since the day I was left with no choice but to shut the office down and leave Rhode Island. You know I always like to end with something funny so here are a few things to bring a smile to your face...

OK, that's probably all you can stand for now and I don't blame you. Pity the patients that have to hear those every time they come to the office here!

I love and appreciate you.

In Health and Faith,


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