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June 2018 Newsletter

Important Changes to Hours: We will be CLOSED June 16th- 24th for summer vacation

Things I've Done To Achieve RADICALLY Fast Healing

     Recently I watched the movie HEAL at the suggestion of my Acupuncturist, Dr. Hannah Redd.  I found it remarkable in that one of the featured speakers in the movie was a Phd. that studied Radical Remissions from cancer and other life threatening diseases.  She found 72 things these people did to heal from their dis-eases.        9 of the 72 things were done by nearly ALL of those that received a Radical Remission.  The reason that I found this so interesting is because I DID ALL THOSE 9 THINGS (found in the picture above) when I healed from 3 broken ribs in 10 days, overcame what was certainly heading to a career ending bout of Lyme Disease in 4 days, and most recently, healed from a disc injury that was supposed to require surgery and 5 months of rehab in just 2- 1/2 weeks.     In addition to the 9 things found above, I used Chiropractic, Acupuncture and the power of intercessory prayer from my friends, family and patients.  I think that this movie is most certainly worth the watch as well as a few other movies/ documentaries that I found helpful on my healing journey (many if not most can be found on Netflix too): - Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead -PlantPure Nation -Food, Inc. -Forks Over Knives -Food Matters -What The Health -Hungry For Change -Fed Up (FU) -Under Our Skin (about Lyme Disease) -The Gerson Miracle (the diet I followed)      Watch these not only for YOUR health but the health of your family.

This is an eye-opener, DOCTORED (2012)

This movie shows how the Medical Profession tried to eliminate the Chiropractic profession and it investigates the "monopoly" of the medical industrial complex and how Americans are viewed as patients.

Why do I take Standard Process Whole Food Supplements?

Well, for starters, I have actually been to their Organic farm, watched them harvest and bring the harvested food to their factory less than a mile away.  They are the real deal.  They  also have a Cleansethat I have used and they make the supplements (herbs) to 'support the body' with Lyme Disease which I know works first hand.  Email my wife if you have any questions at

Why Get Your Spine Checked When You're "Feeling Fine"?

There are, in fact, Hundreds of reasons to get your spine checked for Subluxations when you're "feeling fine".  In just one article written years ago, there were 66 good reasons to get adjusted when you are 'asymptomatic' (which means feeling fine or having no symptoms).  They include an 800% improvement in your immune system and TNF, the chemical that fights off cancer cells in your body, improved range of motion, blood pressure, heart rate, reflexes, breathing and on and on...  Check it out here. .

In Health and Faith, Dr. Jay, Roberta, Kathy, Elli, and Lori

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