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July 2021 Newsletter

Reminder of our hours which are By Appointment Only: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 8:30 AM- 1 PM and 3- 6 PM Thursday- Closed Friday- 6:30 AM- 1:30 PM Saturday and Sunday- Closed

**You can schedule up to one month in advance online** **Because we are so very busy, we are not accepting new patients**

Upcoming Dates we will be closed: Monday, July 5th- CLOSED (Independence Day) Friday, August 13th- CLOSED (Conference Weekend) Monday, September 6th- CLOSED (Labor Day) Friday, September 17th- CLOSED (Continuing Education in CT) Also noteworthy Dates: Halloween will fall on a Sunday this year. Elvis arrived on Friday the 30th of October last year to cover for Dr. Jay, so to be fair, He will be entering the building to adjust on Monday, November 1st this year and, as usual, Dr. Jay will take that day off. Interestingly, much like Clark Kent and Superman, they have never been seen together.

Two New Additions in the office! Sensory Boards for the kids to play with in Room 2 and 3!

The big kids are welcome to play with them as well. Thank you to our patient Sheenagh who is not only an outstanding mom to her two awesome kids that she brings in weekly, but she is also constantly on the lookout for cool things we can add to the office to make it kid friendly. I welcome all the rest of our practice family (that includes YOU) to give us suggestions as to how we can constantly and never-endingly make our office feel more like home for you and your family.

I asked what you have done to share your light with others during the last 18 months and here were your answers. I'm so grateful for all of you!

I know, I know, you want to be good about taking your supplements but you need it to be easier...

HERE'S YOUR SOLUTION:These are pre-packaged, pre-selected daily supplement packs. You just tear the pack open, put them in your mouth, swallow and you're done for the day. It just can't be easier than that. Standard Process (the company that I buy my own supplements from) has pre-selected the best products in their line for your specific needs and pre-packaged them in daily packs that you can take with you to work, on vacation, or just pull out of the cabinet each day. Click the links they gave us to share with you below to check out the benefits of the whole food supplements in each type of pack to see which ones will benefit YOU the most.

If you just want your own account with Standard Process instead of going through our link, apply for the Standard Process Patient Direct Account using our doctor's code NR4JQE at They'll email me to ensure that you are a patient of mine. I'll reply that you're a patient on their website and then you'll get access to the full line of products including the Ashwagandha Forte and other products which are not offered on the links above. Remember, Nutrition IS NOT Chiropractic and I don't talk nutrition in the office so that I can stay focused on your spine and your central nervous system. Thanks for respecting that boundary. If you have nutrition questions, reply to this email and I'll cover it in next month's newsletter.

OK, How about ending with a laugh or two?


And now may the peace that surpasses all understanding rest upon you and your family. May your prayers be answered according to your needs within God's will. And may you find time each day to Be Still and know that God has you in His loving embrace.

In Health and Faith,

- Dr. Jay, Lori, Kathy, Roberta and Elli

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